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fra-airtraffic screensaver

Screensaver preview

Inspired by the Star Alliance screensaver, which sadly has been discontinued for some years now, I decided to write my own air traffic screensaver now. The screensaver will display flights from/to Frankfurt International Airport upon an earth image as shown above.


  • No actual routes will be displayed, the shown flight path is the shortest (great circle) path between two airports.
  • Only scheduled operations will be shown. In the initial release static data (not current) will be used.
  • Stopovers will not be considered.

Planned features

  • Online update of program binaries
  • Daily updated flight data
  • Realtime (not accelerated) display
  • Show day/night terminator
  • Colour selection

Supported Platforms

Currently, there is only a Windows version available. An xscreensaver plugin for Linux users is in progress. As of now, I cannot tell when a Mac version will be available.


See Releases.

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