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fleek-response is utility module for the fleek framework handling user responses
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Fleek Response - [DEPRECATED]

Response module that must be used with fleek router or fleek web socket.

Quick reference:


  //using a option parameter in generic koa-app
  var flr = require('fleek-router');

  flr(app, { response : true });

  //using within fleek-router

  var fleekResponse = require("fleek-response");
  var route         = require("koa-router");


  //psuedocode for using fleek response as middleware
  var sampleRouter = new route['GET'](path, bindRouteData, fleekResponse, middleware);


  //using with fleek-ws (fleek web socket)

  var fleekResponse = require("fleek-response")('socket');
  var parser        = require('fleek-parser');

  //parse document as json object
  var swagger = parser.parse(docs);

  var responsesHandler = fleekResponse(swagger);

  responsesHandler contain object that load up swagger schema as default response body


  • For deeper understanding the use of fleek response, please study fleek-router, and fleek-ws implementation


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