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NB: this build system is forked from chromatic/OnyxNeon's build system for
Modern Perl / Little Plack Book
Building this Book
You need a modern version of Perl installed. I recommend at least Perl 5.12,
but anything newer than 5.8.6 should work.
You should also have Pod::PseudoPod 0.16 or newer installed with its
From the top level directory of a checkout, build the individual chapters with:
$ perl build/tools/
The chapter sources are in the sections/ directory. Each chapter has a
corresponding chapter_nn.pod file. Each file contains multiple POD links which
refer to other files in the sections/ directory. Each of those files contains
a PseudoPOD Z<> anchor.
The program weaves these sections into chapters and writes
them to POD files in build/chapters.
(This process makes it easy to rearrange sections within and between chapters
without generating huge diffs.)
To build HTML from these woven chapters:
$ perl build/tools/
This will produce nicely-formatted HTML in the build/html/ directory. If
anything looks wrong, it's a mistake on my part (or a CSS problem) and patches
are very welcome.
To build an ePub eBook from the woven chapters:
$ perl build/tools/
This will produce an ePub eBook in the build/epub/ directory.
To build PDFs from the chapters:
$ perl build/tools/
This will build PDFs in the build/pdf directory. You must have App::pod2pdf
installed from the CPAN.