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Altera Quartus II and Mentor Graphics ModelSim/Questa
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@@ -0,0 +1,23 @@
+# ignore ModelSim generated files and directories (temp files and so on)
+# ignore compilation output of ModelSim
+# ignore simulation output of ModelSim
@@ -0,0 +1,66 @@
+# Working with Altera Quartus II (Q2) and do proper versioning is not that easy
+# but if you follow some rules it can be accomplished. :)
+# This file should be placed into the main directory where the .qpf file is
+# found. Generally Q2 throws all entities and so on in the main directory, but
+# you can place all stuff also in separate folders. This approach is followed
+# here. So when you create a new design create one or more folders where your
+# entities will be located and put a .gitignore in there that overrides the
+# ignores of this file, e.g. one single rule stating "!*" which allows now all
+# type of files. When you add a MegaFunction or another entity to your design,
+# simply add it to one of your private folders and Q2 will be happy and manage
+# everything quite good. When you want to do versioning of your generated
+# SOF/POF files, you can do this by redirecting the generated output to an own
+# folder. To do this go to:
+# "Assignments"
+# -> "Settings
+# -> "Compilation Process Settings"
+# -> "Save project output files in specified directory"
+# Now you can either place a .gitignore in the directory and allow the following
+# list of types:
+# !*.sof
+# !*.pof
+# or you create an own submodule in the folder to keep binary files out of your
+# design.
+# ignore hdl source files in top level directory
+# ignore Quartus II generated files
+# ignore Quartus II generated folders

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