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Pompadour Wiki

This project was started by 9h37 SAS.

This is a simple yet efficient Wiki engine based on git and Django.


  • Pages are editable as Markdown
  • Support of OAuth as an authentification backend, for use with Google Apps
  • Backend storage powered by git
  • Manage namespaces via folders
  • Written in Python2.7 with Django and Twitter-Bootstrap


Clone the repository

git clone

Edit the pompadour_wiki/pompadour_wiki/ settings file to your convenience.

Django will take care of creating your tables.

Create a virtualenv for your app

virtualenv .venv
source .venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Create your database and super-user

python syncdb

Run the app

python runserver


Pompadour ?

We're based in the North of France and there are many different kind of potatoes up there. The pompadour is one of them. It's also a very nice city in the south-west of France.


  • David Delassus, 9h37 SAS
  • Nabil Servais, 9h37 SAS
  • Florian Le Goff, 9h37 SAS


As detailed in LICENCE.txt