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Themedoc adds theming to the fabulous pandoc document converter. Themes are represented as yaml files that live in the ~/.themedoc folder and can also be bundled with resources such as images, javascripts or css-files.

Getting started


gem install themedoc


To use themedoc's default theme use the following incantation to create a pdf:

themedoc --theme default

A theme is a directory that lives in ~/.themedoc. To get started on your own theme quickly copy the default theme:

cp -R ~/.themedoc/default ~/.themedoc/mytheme

To get help around theme specific parameters go like this:

themedoc --theme default --help


  • Support different themes for pandoc
  • Theme consists of
    • command line options for pandoc
    • template variables for pandoc
    • a snippet inclusion mechanism (that also support templating)
    • bundled resources
  • Parameterisation via the command line


One of its primary usecases is to render pandoc markdown into various formats, such as pdf and different flavours of html. The output can be customised in various ways:

  1. Setting command line options
  2. Setting so-called template variable using command line arguments
  3. Including custom files at verious places in the generated output with filenames also passed in using the command line
  4. Changing the templates that are used to generate the output

I generally stay away from option 4, because it is very intrusive and might easily break the compatibility with future versions.

The first three options provide a lot of flexibility, however it is a hassle to set them all via the command line. This is where themedoc enters the stage.

In themedoc a theme is a combination of command line options and template variables as well as snippets for the target file conveniently bundled into a yaml file. Also it allows to bundle other resources into the theme and takes care of making them available through the command line.

Release Notes

Release 0.2

  • If no theme is given themedoc now defaults to default-html
  • Doesn't depend on the extension of the input file (no more than pandoc)
  • default theme now uses pdf-latex
  • Added default
  • Writes a message to stdout that states output file
  • --list-themes lists the themes available
  • Now we also support snippets to be inserted before and after the body


  • Streaming from stdin ??
  • Should see why it doesn't run rb 1.8
    • Testing needed
  • propagate exit code
    • don't forget cleanup
    • propagate pandocs stderr
  • implement --version
  • Make --list-themes more robust by checking for files to be directories
  • Port templating to slippers