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  • Update to HiGlass v1.7.2
  • Add support for cooler v2
  • Add support for dm6 and ce11 gene annotations
  • Use file specific chrom sizes when internal chrom sizes are not available
  • Allow specifiying custom gene annotations via the _gene_annotations column in the CSV config file. _gene_annotations can either be the name of a preexisting coords (e.g., hg19, hg38, mm9, mm10, dm6, danRer10, or ce11) or you can specify the tileset UUID of a locally hosted gene annotation tileset.
  • Fix an bug causing the spinner to appear all the time

Breaking Change:

  • HiPiler now expects you to specify the exact chromosome names. Previously it would ensure that chr is prepend for convenience when working with hg19 and mm9


  • Update to HiGlass v1.2.3
  • Fix minor code style issues


  • Add support for CSV import
  • Add dynamic reloading of the snippets.
  • Updated HiGlass to v1.0.1
  • Updated lots of third-party libraries
  • Fixed several smaller bug fixes


  • Add color maps and color scaling for snippets
  • Show pile source and genomic location in pile detail panel
  • Updated HiGlass to v0.10.11
  • Updated lots of third-party libraries
  • Updated news
  • Load react, react-dom, react-bootstrap, and pixi.js from CDN


  • Add build task for the entire app for easier integration with HiGlass docker


  • Updated marked to v0.3.9


  • Finally fixed anchor links on
  • Fix typos


  • Add slides from speakerdeck to about
  • Fix typos


  • Update news
  • Fix view config loading
  • Disable buggy server pinging
  • Fix anchor links on


  • Adjust anchor links on


  • Limit height and width of entries in the pile details panel
  • Limit number of marks on the x axis of chartlets
  • Limit height of the previews in the pile details panel
  • Fix a rare issue with rerendering chartlets
  • Updated hiGlass to v0.8.34
  • Updated some third party librabries


  • Improve frame rendering performance dramatically
  • Improve scale and location updates of snippets to be blazing fast
  • Add pile details panel with annotations
  • Add support for loading configs via the URL ?config=<URL_TO_CONFIG>
  • Allow config to be more flexible
  • Disable state compression because it's too slow
  • Nicefy disperse animation when doing undo
  • Ensure compatability in latest version of Firefox
  • Add link to
  • Fix minor issue with the arrange field
  • Fix auot-piling by more categorical values (dataset, zoom level, chromosome, or a user-specified category)
  • Add button to explicitely close error messages
  • Fix scrolling in Firefox


  • 5-10x faster snippet rendering
  • Implement removing matrices from piles
  • Highlight hovered preview
  • Update pile menu instantly
  • Add log transform for snippets
  • Add config options for t-SNE
  • Fix matrix flipping
  • Fix scroll issue after changing the cell size
  • Fix dialog during exploration
  • Fix t-SNE based arrangements by measures / attributes
  • Fix bug when switching between grey scale and colored colormaps
  • Fix bug when toggling between showing snippet locations
  • Fix dialog
  • Fix orientation
  • Fix state reset (truly working this time!)


  • Add support for loading unbalanced snippets
  • Add introduction video
  • Add 2 more examples
  • Add changelog
  • Enhance "Show in matrix"
  • Fix a column resizing caused by a bug in Aurelia
  • Fix state reset
  • Fix bug when pulling non-standard snippets


  • Update HiGlass
  • Update third-party libraries
  • Add support for HiDPI displays
  • Fix interaction issues
  • Scope CSS rules


  • Fix import bug
  • Always load latest example from GIST


  • Add documentation
  • Update icons
  • Minor design updates
  • Enable shortcuts for the dialog


  • Code cleanup
  • Design landing page


  • Lower memory footprint
  • Support Numpy's NaN mean
  • Fix event listener bugs
  • Update third-party libraries
  • Update license
  • Integrate Travis-CI


  • Initial pre-release for IEEE VIS 2017