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@flend flend released this 11 May 06:22
· 2 commits to master since this release

This binary was built by flend from github flend/brogue-windows commit 292427f

and contains the following fixes:

  • Fix bug where monsters lose track of player 97% of time (rather than 3%)
  • Removing mistaken shift to enable force weapons to damage correctly
  • Fixing ring of wisdom message
  • Fixing heal percentage on staves of healing
  • Fix to sqrt logic to stop Rapier of Mutuality crashing
  • Fixing bug with allied creatures on depth 1 (as per tsadok)
  • Fixes for operator precedence errors in: staff low, high damage, haste and guardian durations, shattering and negation radii
  • Fixing recharge delays of charms: health, protection, shattering, guardian, teleportation, recharging and negation.
  • Shifting protection amount by 1 enchant to align with v1.7.4.
  • Fixing potential short overflows at high enchants on protection and poison.
  • Making spears attack selectively to avoid hitting allies
  • Fixing another small bug in the recharge delay of charms. Now in-line with 1.7.4 for all charms
  • Reverting to the v1.7.4 code for fast weapon runic activation due to bug in fp_sqrt
  • Fixing bug where aggravate monsters can crash the game
  • Fixing a bad memory access caused by an incorrect check for mutations when splitting
  • Fixing memory leak when throwing items