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Grep for text in source files.

slf-grep-git is an emacs command which searches for text in your source files. You select some text and press a key and the source files matching are appended to a results buffer.

The command runs the shell commands:

git ls-files | grep -v -f ignore.txt | xargs grep -n

The search text comes from the current selection, or when there is no selection, you type it in. The typed in text is treated as a regular expression and the selected text is treated as a fixed string.

The matching lines are appended to a buffer called slf-grep-[number].

The source files to search come from the git ls-files command. The ls-files command is run from the git root directory so by default all source files of the project are searched.

The command finds the git root directory by looking relative to the current buffer. You can have multiple git projects on your machine and the correct set of files will be searched. Each project gets its own results buffer.

If you have files in your project that you do not want to search, add them to the ignore.txt file. The files in ignore.txt are skipped. Enter one file or pattern per line. The ignore.txt file in the git root folder is used when it exists, else the one in the home folder is used.

If the number of matching lines is more than slf-grep-max-lines (400), the lines are not appended to the results buffer.


To install, copy the slf-grep-git.el file to your emacs load path and assign a key to slf-grep-git.

(load-file "~/emacs/slf-grep-git.el")
(global-set-key "\C- " 'slf-grep-git) ; Ctrl Space


Grep for text in source files.




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