Animated anchor navigation made easy with jQuery


Animated anchor navigation made easy with jQuery


You can check the demo to see the plugin in action.

Installation and usage

Via bower:

bower install jquery.localScroll

Via npm:

npm install jquery.localscroll

Using a public CDN

CDN provided by jsdelivr

<script src="//"></script>

CDN provided by cdnjs (outdated)

<script src="//"></script>

Downloading Manually

You can get the latest stable version from the releases page.


You can see the plugin in a (somewhat precarious) demo page.


This plugin requires jQuery.scrollTo. In order to use jQuery.scrollTo 2.0 you need to update jQuery.localScroll to 1.4.0 and above.


  • The hash of settings is passed in to jQuery.scrollTo, so, in addition to jQuery.localScroll's settings, you can use any of jQuery.scrollTo's. Check that plugin's documentation for further information.

  • If you want to convert the links from ALL over the page, with the same settings, just call $.localScroll(...) instead of $(...).localScroll(...)

  • Most of this plugin's defaults, belong to jQuery.scrollTo, check it's demo for an example of each option.