Python gmqtt client subscribed for flespi channel messages. Process each message and publish to specified topic.
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Flespi Pipeline

This library is used to get messages from flespi gateway channel via MQTT connection, process it according to Private Data Switch algorithm and publish to specified topic.

Getting started: This library is written using gmqtt library for Python 3.5 version. To run the example script do:


System requirements:

Note: please install this requirements according your OS.

Python requirements:

Note: this will be automatically installed in the section below.

How to start

1. make init: initialize local virtual environment with python3.5 and set up all required python libraries

2. edit write your parameters in # configure pipeline section

3. make run: runs script

More info in flespi blog

Autostart and running as a system service (daemon)

To make this script runs as a daemon on system start - see README.rst in autostart folder