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Flespi Receiver

This library is used to get messages from flespi gateway channel and handle it via specified approach.

Getting started: This library is written using ayncio library for Python 3.5 version. To run the example script do:

1. make init: initialize local virtual environment with python3.5

2. make build: builds the project of flespi_reciever and swagger_client modules

3. make test: runs test/ script

Basic usage example (see tests/

  1. import module

import flespi_receiver

  1. initiate flespi_receiver object

receiver = flespi_receiver.flespi_receiver()

  1. configure object with:
  • id of a channel where to read messages
  • Token key (without FlespiToken keyword) to provide access to the channel
  • timeout - request will wait for new messages for the specified amount of seconds
  • delete_flag - point True if successfuly handled messags may be removed
  • start_key - point curr_key pointing to the beginning of messages bunch to be read

api_key = 'your_api_key'

channel_id = 0

timeout = 10

delete_flag = True

start_key = 0

receiver.configure(channel_id, api_key, timeout, delete_flag, start_key)

  1. create handlers and add it to the receiver object

stdout_handler1 = flespi_receiver.stdout_handler_class(stdout=1)


  1. start the receiving and peocessing process



receiver will generate GET /channels/channel_id/messages request returning bunch of messages from the channel

for each bunch of messages every handler will be used in an asynchronos way.

When all handlers return - next GET /messages request will be sent. So if one of the handlers will stuck - no new GET /messages requests will besent.

Available handlers:

Name Used for Required parameters
stdout print received messages to the console --
wialon send received messages to specified IP:port using wialon retranslator protocol host, port
aws_iot send received messages to Amazon AWS IoT hub root_ca_path, private_key_path, certificate_path, endpoint
http send POST http request to specified URL with specified headers with messages list as a HTTP data parameter URL