Various utility files to expand the features of MultiMarkdown 3.0
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This directory acts as a replacement for the original MultiMarkdown "Common Installation" directory from version 2.0. MultiMarkdown itself is a single binary, and there are also a couple of utility scripts that are installed to simplify things (mmd, mmd2tex, mm2opml, mmd2odf). This support installation adds a few more utility scripts in the bin directory. It also adds support for using XSLT to customize the LaTeX output from MultiMarkdown, or to customize other output formats.

Most users do not need to use XSLT to achieve their desired output from MultiMarkdown, but it's always an option.

More importantly, this package will replace the scripts used in the "Common Installation" to allow programs like Scrivener and TextMate to interface with MultiMarkdown 3.0.

In general, the scripts in bin act as shortcuts to the binary with certain command-line options to emulate the behavior of the old convenience scripts. The files in XSLT are modifications to the original XSLT files that work with MMD version 3. So now, in fact, there are two routes to convert MMD into LaTeX --- one is to use multimarkdown -t latex, and the other is to use the mmd2tex-xslt script to convert MMD into XHTML and then into LaTeX by applying an XSLT file. This second route is significantly slower, and slightly more complicated, and requires that the XSLT files be in the right place; it does, however, offer a greater level of customization for MultiMarkdown "experts."

These shell scripts will run on Mac OS X or *nix. I suppose they will run on Windows with the proper support files installed. I will leave this up to the user.

To install on a Mac, simply download the MultiMarkdown-Support-Mac installer. It will place the directory in the proper location.