Set of test documents to verify that MMD 4 is working properly
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Title: MultiMarkdownTestSuite ReadMe
Author: Fletcher T. Penney


John Gruber created a test suite for Markdown. I have used that suite to look for bugs in MultiMarkdown, and have found and corrected a few.

Additionally, I have added some further tests that are specific to features found in MultiMarkdown.

The files in Tests are the original test suite. They require MultiMarkdown to be run in compatibility mode (multimarkdown -c) and verify that it can match the original Markdown output.

The file in Test is the one original file that doesn't pass MMD. See peg-markdown for more information about this test.

The files in MultiMarkdownTests are designed to test XHTML and LaTeX output from MultiMarkdown.

The files in BeamerTests specifically test a few features related to the beamer output mode.

The files in MemoirTests specifically test a few features related to the memoir output mode.

Where can you get it?

Download the current version of the MMD Test Suite from github:

It's also linked to from within the source repository for MMD 3.0.

How To Use

To use this software, simply run (for example):

./ --script=~/path/to/ --tidy
	--testdir=MultiMarkdownTests --ext=".tex" --Flags="-t latex"

I have modified the script to allow a --Flags extension that passes the flags to the script that is called. This can be used to pass flags to the script to enable compatibility mode, or LaTeX output, or whatever.

Also, see the MMD 3.0 (aka peg-multimarkdown) Makefile to see examples of how I use this.

For More Information

Check out: