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\def\mytitle{MultiMarkdown Autoreference Test}
\chapter{109\&\^{}*\&\#\^{}() Must Start With Alpha}
\chapter{Strip out \&\^{}\% characters \^{}\&*\^{}}
\chapter{Special Cross Reference Cases}
\section{1 Cross-References: Special Characters!@\#\$\%\^{}\&*()$<$$>$}
And now, link to 1 Cross-References: Special Characters!@\#\$\%\^{}\&*()$<$$>$ (\autoref{cross-references:specialcharacters})
\chapter{Setext 1}
\section{Setext 2}
\chapter{Atx 1}
Link to Setext 1 (\autoref{setext1}).
And Setext 2 (\autoref{setext2}).
And Atx 1 (\autoref{atx1}).
And [Atx 2] should fail.
\chapter{Manual Header}
\chapter{Manual Header 2}
\section{Manual Header 3}
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