@fletcher fletcher released this Aug 5, 2016

  • ADDED: Add email address to cpack settings (addresses #31)
  • ADDED: Move static library options to separate make target
  • CHANGED: Increase list of syntax structures that are evaluated for abbreviations (Thanks, David!)
  • FIXED: Avoids problem mentioned on github (#30), but doesn't actually solve it. Any help appreciated!
  • FIXED: Fix crash with empty table label


@fletcher fletcher released this Jun 8, 2016 · 10 commits to master since this release

  • CHANGED: Update test suite
  • FIXED: Don't allow math spans inside strong/emph
  • FIXED: Fix additional edge case in emph/strong parser
  • FIXED: Fix slow parsing of complex strong/emph (Fixes #18)
  • FIXED: Improve accuracy and performance of strong/emph
  • FIXED: Improve performance


@fletcher fletcher released this Mar 17, 2016 · 22 commits to master since this release

  • ADDED: Add additional test cases
  • ADDED: Add support for 'HTML FOOTER' metadata -- appended at very end of HTML documents (after footnotes)
  • CHANGED: Allow nested strong/emph spans (though effect of output is not defined for all formats)
  • CHANGED: Update Math test suite
  • CHANGED: Update documentation for 5.1.0
  • CHANGED: Update documentation for HTML Footer metadata
  • CHANGED: Update test suite
  • CHANGED: recursive support for CriticMarkup syntax (e.g. an addition can be included inside a substitution).
  • FIXED: Fix bug in handling of '$' delimited math
  • FIXED: Improve accuracy of strong/emph parsing;
  • FIXED: Remove debugging statement in recent CriticMarkup changes


@fletcher fletcher released this Feb 23, 2016 · 35 commits to master since this release

  • ADDED: Add script to build drag and drop apps on OS X
  • ADDED: Beginning code for public header file support; ADDED: Beginning configuration for OS X Bundle/Framework targets
  • ADDED: Include support for Xcode libraries to be iOS compatible
  • CHANGED: Update copyright info for 2016
  • CHANGED: Update test suite
  • FIXED: Allow ATX Headers inside lists
  • FIXED: Allow 'naturally' aligned table cells like MMD 2 allowed
  • FIXED: Allow metadata variables inside links (e.g. [[%foo]][bar])
  • FIXED: Allow newline inside strong/emph (Fixes #10)
  • FIXED: Change handling of version.h file for deprecated make to keep it separate from cmake alternative
  • FIXED: Don't delete src/version.h
  • FIXED: Fix problem with strong/emph matching incorrectly
  • FIXED: Fix regression in list/heading fix that was overeager
  • FIXED: Include 'fake' version.h for make deprecate
  • FIXED: Include additional standard metadata keys in the list to not be included in HTML headers
  • FIXED: Remove unneeded install directive; FIXED: Fix public header install prefix (I think)
  • FIXED: Update MMD test suite for recent table alignment change
  • FIXED: fix 'make deprecate' so that it truly doesn't require cmake
  • FIXED: Improve tight vs loose list detection with unusual setext headers
  • NOTE: Fixed git clone instructions in documentation
  • NOTE: Update test suite


@fletcher fletcher released this Dec 1, 2015 · 69 commits to master since this release

  • IMPORTANT: Fix major error in last Makefile! (Only in build branch for a few minutes)
  • ADDED: Improve empty list item detection in ODF output
  • CHANGED: Remove unused node creation utilities
  • CHANGED: Update documentation
  • CHANGED: Use 'const' char * in g_string_new
  • CODE: Improve doxygen support in libMultiMarkdown.h
  • CODE: Refactor markdown_to_string() to separate parsing input text and writing output text via the intermediate node tree.
  • CODE: Use node creation shortcuts for consistency and future flexibility
  • FIX: Add 32 bit flag to older MinGW toolchain
  • FIX: Add label for 32 bit builds
  • FIX: Don't run valgrind tests unless in 'make debug' mode
  • FIX: Don't static link when using 'make debug' for valgrind testing
  • FIX: Fix memory leaks in transclude_source()
  • NOTE: Add developer notes to the README information
  • NOTE: Additional doxygen support
  • NOTE: Autogenerate changelog since last commit to master
  • NOTE: Begin tracking release notes in 'CHANGELOG.md'
  • NOTE: Change empty listitem detection logic for ODF output
  • NOTE: Change whitespace for easier diffing
  • NOTE: Remove redundant developer note in README
  • NOTE: Use tab instead of leading spaces in CHANGELOG-UNRELEASED


@fletcher fletcher released this Nov 15, 2015

  • The source repository for MultiMarkdown has been completely rebuilt:
    • Use my [c-template] to provide the basic structure
    • Requires the [CMake] build system
    • Has the beginnings of documentation within the code to support
      [Doxygen]-generated developer documentation
  • Other changes since 4.7.1:
    • Improvements from Matthias Lohr for the shell scripts
    • Additional documentation in code
    • Fix issue with whitespace after footnotes in ODF export
    • Improve accuracy of recognizing single line code blocks
    • Fix memory leaks
    • Fix mmd2pdf for certain installs of TeX on El Capitan
    • Improve POSIX compliance on shell scripts
    • Improve accuracy of strong/emph matching
    • Make reference label matching case insensitive
    • Fix error if no caption was included on table
    • Fix edge case slowdown when lots of HTML included
    • Fix error when quotes included in explicit link
    • Allow tables inside LaTeX footnotes
    • Improved window path separator support
    • And other improvements/fixes

DO NOT download source files using the links below. You should always use git to obtain MultiMarkdown source so that submodules work.