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Releases: fletcher/MultiMarkdown-6


28 Oct 16:46
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This release is an overhaul to the project structure. The code is the exact same, but the source code layout, Cmake configuration, and Makefile are very different.

  • I still need to clean up some documentation
  • Things should work the same when building "normally" via make
  • If building via Xcode, things will be slightly different, so you will probably need to confirm that everything still works (it should, but....)
  • Some of the more esoteric features might be different or might not be implemented yet.
  • The new Cmake configuration should work when building with Xcode 12 (it does for me), but I have not yet tested with Silicon/macOS 11 -- the new structure should be in a better starting position for this, however.
  • Swift is not explicitly supported yet -- There's nothing fundamentally different in this regard from the prior configuration. I welcome input on ways to simplify this within the current Cmake build system.
  • The new installers need testing on macOS/Windows. The zip packages seem correct.


28 Oct 16:28
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Bug fix release:

  • ADDED: Add additional blockquote tests
  • ADDED: Add format to create HTML with storing of assets
  • FIXED: Add latex footer to beamer output format (fixes #185)
  • FIXED: Allow hyphen in image/link unquoted attributes
  • FIXED: Don't free NULL link
  • FIXED: Fix CMake issue
  • FIXED: Fix issue when parsing blockquote that contains raw HTML
  • FIXED: Fix issue with tight list where last item has multiple paragraphs not being recognized as a loose list
  • FIXED: Fix regression
  • FIXED: Fix test suite
  • FIXED: Improve blockquote parser
  • FIXED: Prevent iOS Safari from bastardizing left arrow unicode character with an ugly emoji
  • FIXED: tweak CriticMarkup highlight handling
  • Merge branch 'develop' of into develop


10 Apr 16:25
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  • FIXED: Don't use undefined version string
  • FIXED: Fix memory leak in ITMZ reader
  • FIXED: Update cpack generator for macOS
  • Fix fsf address in files licenses.
  • Merge pull request #184 from LyesSaadi/develop
  • UPDATED: Adjust cmake to only make library when included from a parent project

6.5.1 Release

29 Dec 00:17
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Predominantly fixes several bugs found through fuzz testing:

*    FIXED: Ensure use of bash for creating AllTests.c
*    FIXED: Fix array overflow with wide tables
*    FIXED: Fix edge case error in definition lists
*    FIXED: Fix edge case in block parsing
*    FIXED: Fix edge case in fenced code blocks
*    FIXED: Fix error when pruning tokens
*    FIXED: Fix memory leak
*    FIXED: Fix metadata edge case
*    FIXED: Fix metadata parsing edge case
*    FIXED: Fix name mismatch of mmd6-default-metadata (Addresses #173)
*    FIXED: Fix null dereference
*    FIXED: Fix tests
*    FIXED: Fix typos
*    FIXED: Use more definitive edge case fix
*    UPDATED: Shorten hash function for compiling speed since we are hashing shorter strings
*    UPDATED: Update notes source text


11 Dec 16:55
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There's been quite a lot since the last version:

  • ADDED: Add ASCII case detection
  • ADDED: Add conversion from ITMZ routines
  • ADDED: Add support for random header labels when not manually specified (Addresses #157)
  • ADDED: Add title as short caption for figures and tables to be used in list of figures and list of tables. Addresses #177 -- thanks, MArpogaus
  • ADDED: Add {{TOC:1}} and {{TOC:1-2}} options
  • FIXED: Add byte for null terminator when extracting from zip archive
  • FIXED: Allow building libMMD as a child project for testing
  • FIXED: Clean up Quick Start guide
  • FIXED: Ensure newline at end of header contents when importing from OPML/ITMZ
  • FIXED: Fix CMake config for MacPorts (fixes #146)
  • FIXED: Fix PATH in convenience scripts
  • FIXED: Fix bugs in new zip extraction code
  • FIXED: Fix edge case with single item loose lists (fixes #174)
  • FIXED: Fix filename
  • FIXED: Fix handling of hebrew language option
  • FIXED: Fix length of metadata if no trailing line ending
  • FIXED: Fix letterhead reference to memoir-footer. (Fixes #143)
  • FIXED: Fix memory leak (#172) -- thanks Alfons
  • FIXED: Fix pointer dereference (fixes #152)
  • FIXED: Fix potential bug when reading OPML/ITMZ
  • FIXED: Fix potential errors related to checking for metadata
  • FIXED: Fix potential issue in d_string
  • FIXED: Fix potential memory address error
  • FIXED: Fix prior bad edits to quick start guide
  • FIXED: Fix regression
  • FIXED: Fix test suite for new captions
  • FIXED: Fix trim trailing whitespace
  • FIXED: Fix two small potential errors
  • FIXED: Fix warning
  • FIXED: Fix whitespace issues with headers with manual labels
  • FIXED: Improve BOM stripping
  • FIXED: Improve efficiency when checking for existence of metadata
  • FIXED: Include .html for EPUB and .fodt for ODT when transcluding with wildcard extension
  • FIXED: Prevent line breaks in HTML/ODF attributes
  • FIXED: Update Quick Start PDF
  • FIXED: Update README template
  • FIXED: Update re2c scanners and prevent crash on certain documents with unexpected encoding
  • FIXED: Use C11 (had old C99 as well, but I suspect that wasn't actually used
  • Fixes to README
  • UPDATED: Add MARKUP token type
  • UPDATED: Add OPML routines to libMultiMarkdown.h
  • UPDATED: Add UTF-8 validity check function
  • UPDATED: Additional README comments about Xcode
  • UPDATED: Automatically disable libCurl on iOS
  • UPDATED: Change convenience scripts for better POSIX compliance (implements #150) (Thanks, Ryan)
  • UPDATED: Don't require opening <?xml> in OPML
  • UPDATED: Fix doxygen template
  • UPDATED: Fix main() when token pools disabled
  • UPDATED: Refactor XML parsing; improve OPML reading; add ITMZ (iThoughts) reading/writing (experimental feature); a few other small tweaks
  • UPDATED: Refactor header file inclusion
  • UPDATED: Remove debug statement
  • UPDATED: Remove i386 build architecture from default configuration
  • UPDATED: Remove some old debugging statements that aren't necessary anymore
  • UPDATED: Silence some Xcode warnings
  • UPDATED: Silence warnings
  • UPDATED: Tidy code
  • UPDATED: Tweak smart quote rules to avoid false positive matches when using double quote as inches mark
  • UPDATED: Update advanced headers test suite
  • UPDATED: Update astyle settings
  • UPDATED: Update char.c
  • UPDATED: Update cmake for xcode 11
  • UPDATED: Update d_string
  • UPDATED: Update macOS deployment version to 10.6 for Mojave
  • UPDATED: reduce false-positive rate of metadata where first line contains colon but metadata is not intended
  • UPDATED: remove reliance on version.h when testing
  • UPDATED: table id attribute should be on table not caption
  • Update mmd6-letterhead-leader.tex
  • add how to build Xcode framework to README
  • update README with instructions for Xcode


01 Sep 20:26
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  • ADDED: Add ODF Header metadata and fix issue with LaTeX Header metadata
  • ADDED: Add additional tests for special characters
  • ADDED: Add initial OPML export support (address #9)
  • ADDED: Add opml option to read for MultiMarkdown OPML files
  • Add missing Latex support files
  • Avoid potential error with stack_free
  • CHANGED: Remove unnecessary code
  • FIXED: Allow caption without trailing newline at end of document
  • FIXED: Escape square brackets, e.g. '{[foo]}' (addresses #128 and #129)
  • FIXED: Fix escpaing of % character in LaTeX code spans and blocks
  • FIXED: Fix html comments inside code blocks (fixes #118)
  • FIXED: Fix issue where ~ is mistakenly interpreted as fence delimiter
  • FIXED: Fix issue with BOM and files > 4k
  • FIXED: Fix issue with dollar math delimiters inside code (fixes #134)
  • FIXED: Fix token length in OPML
  • FIXED: Improve OPML export; add OPML tests
  • FIXED: Normalize line spacing in CriticMarkup notes in LaTeX (fixes #120)
  • FIXED: Preserve tabs following leading hashes in code blocks
  • FIXED: Prevent potential null dereference
  • FIXED: Remove lock file
  • FIXED: Trim single remaining whitespace when exporting headers
  • FIXED: Trim trailing newlines in definition blocks
  • FIXED: Use Setext headers when necessary to convert from OPML to text (fixes #138)
  • FIXED: Use \ul instead of \underline when soul package is in use (fixes #121)
  • Merge pull request #132 from jlargentaye/develop
  • UPDATE: Clarify DevelopmentNotes re: libcurl
  • UPDATE: Clarify README re: libcurl
  • UPDATED: '\item{}' no longer needed since square brackets escaped on their own
  • UPDATED: Add 6.3.1 release notes
  • UPDATED: Add allowfullscreen to list of boolean HTML attributes
  • UPDATED: Add more BibTeX test cases
  • UPDATED: Adjust metadata for test files
  • UPDATED: Allow '' to preserve line break in metadata. (Addresses #86)
  • UPDATED: Apply astyle
  • UPDATED: Fix whitespace with boolean HTML attributes
  • UPDATED: Ignore escaped space at end of code span
  • UPDATED: Test % escaping in URLs


28 Mar 13:46
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  • 2018-03-28 - v 6.3.2:

    • UPDATED: Update documentation
  • 2018-03-27 - v 6.3.1:

    • ADDED: Add beamer support for code highlighting
    • ADDED: Add extra tests for variations on link types
    • ADDED: Add integrated memoir test
    • ADDED: Migrate manuscript and memoir(book) LaTeX formats to MMD-6
    • FIXED: Checking for metadata was partially erasing token tree and leaving engine in invalid state
    • FIXED: Explicitly disable metadata in compatibility mode
    • FIXED: Fix Makefile for Windows 32-bit zip
    • FIXED: Fix detection of invalid request to copy substring of DString
    • FIXED: Fix issue with empty metadata lines
    • FIXED: Fix issue with raw source markers(fixes #115)
    • FIXED: Fix issue with trailing ATX hash without final newline
    • FIXED: Fix potential pointer overflow if line starts with ':::'
    • FIXED: Improve internal link creation in LaTeX
    • FIXED: Improve logic for disabling metadata
    • FIXED: Improve parsing of HTML 5
    • UPDATED: Add beginnings of Beamer test suite; add support for beamer/memoir and raw text blocks
    • UPDATED: Update quick start guide
    • UPDATED: Update remaining tests for LaTeX change


06 Feb 02:36
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  • ADDED: Add additional CM tests
  • ADDED: Add beamer LaTeX support files to installer
  • ADDED: Update beamer latex support files for MMD 6 latex config metadata support
  • FIXED: All test build on path with spaces
  • FIXED: Don't use libcurl on test build
  • FIXED: Fix HTML 5 compliance with image dimensions; Fix CriticMarkup inside code spans/blocks
  • FIXED: Fix bug in token pruning
  • FIXED: Fix bug with setting tail in token prune/graft
  • FIXED: Fix edge case with superscripts and punctuation
  • FIXED: Fix issue in Windows code
  • FIXED: Fix issue with list bullets in fenced code blocks
  • FIXED: Fix reject/accept with highlighting
  • FIXED: Fix typo in QuickStart.txt (fixes #111)
  • FIXED: Properly assign ambidextrous tokens in tables
  • Fix encoding of some markup inside LaTeX texttt environment (fixes #110 and #108)
  • UPDATED: Add Spanish style quotes support
  • UPDATED: Add test suite to d_string
  • UPDATED: Apply astyle to source
  • UPDATED: Improve commands for accepting/rejecting CriticMarkup
  • UPDATED: Remove deprecated fodt.c and fodt.h
  • UPDATED: Update dates
  • UPDATED: specify types to silence warnings and prevent theoretical errors
  • add cocoaconv.rb enum conversion script
  • change d_string_erase argument docstring
  • drop redundant enum case prefixes in Swift
  • drop redundant enum name prefixes from enum cases
  • expose singular-S type to Swift code generator
  • fix target platform spelling (macosx, not macos)
  • remove plural S from enum type names


20 Nov 20:15
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  • CHANGED: Fix typos
  • CHANGED: Update superscript/subscript algorithm to allow leading instances
  • FIXED: Fix bug with multiple footnotes in single paragraph when exporting to LaTeX
  • FIXED: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference
  • FIXED: Fix potential bug
  • FIXED: Prevent pointer overflow
  • FIXED: Strip UTF-8 BOM from main files, not just transcluded files
  • UPDATED: Add HTML comment test cases to further demonstrate
  • UPDATED: Adjust libMultiMarkdown.h so it does not recursively include other files
  • UPDATED: Fix issue with AStyle indent settings
  • UPDATED: Refactor file utilities into file.c/h
  • UPDATED: Silence Xcode static analyzer false positives
  • UPDATED: Silence analyzer warnings
  • UPDATED: Update function name in swift file


13 Oct 14:41
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  • ADDED: Add support for tables without header; test for table with multiple header rows
  • CHANGED: Remove dead line of code
  • FIXED: Add NULL check on my strdup functions
  • FIXED: Fix NULL dereference in abbreviation search
  • FIXED: Fix issue with libCurl on some systems (Thanks, Brad!)
  • FIXED: Fix math markers in code spans
  • FIXED: Fix potential dereference in table handling
  • FIXED: Fix use of uninitialized variable
  • FIXED: Improve consistency of math token handling
  • FIXED: Relax table separator line rules to allow missing final pipe
  • UPDATED: Add additional asset storage option
  • UPDATED: Add note about tables in MMD-6 to Quick Start Guide
  • UPDATED: Fix readme
  • UPDATED: Update QuickStart Guide
  • UPDATED: Update readme