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Title: LaTeX Support Files
Author: Fletcher T. Penney
Date: 2017-03-27


This folder includes the LaTeX support files for MMD. They have been renamed for MMD v6.

The files are organized into directories using a naming convention compatible with the MMD 6 LaTeX Config metadata key:

TItle:	Some Title
LaTeX Config:	article

Each configuration would have three files, named:

  1. mmd6-foo-leader.tex
  2. mmd6-foo-begin.tex
  3. mmd6-foo-footer.tex

(where foo is the name of the configuration)

Each of these files can reference other files, and the common configuration files used in the default setups are stored in the shared directory.


These files need to go in your texmf folder, wherever that may be.

With MacTeX on Mac OS X:


On most *nix accounts, you can use:


I don't remember off the top of my head where your texmf folder belongs in Windows.