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Title: MultiMarkdown Gallery
Author: Fletcher T. Penney


This project is really just a collection of sample MultiMarkdown documents demonstrating various features.

The samples have been upgraded to work with MMD 3.0. If you want samples compatible with MMD 2.0, then you can download them.


by Fletcher T. Penney

This is an example of using MultiMarkdown to create a PDF slideshow via beamer.

Manuscript Example

by Fletcher T. Penney

This is an example of a file that was styled using MultiMarkdown, and the manuscript package for LaTeX.

Basically, you write in plain text in your favorite word processor or text editor, export as MultiMarkdown, and convert to a PDF that is "properly" styled for a manuscript submission. Of course, with a couple of changes to the metadata, you could format it yourself for printing as well.... Worth looking at just to see what MultiMarkdown can do! Includes source MMD text file and the final pdf.

PS: The TeX file produced by this process is better typeset using XeLaTeX, rather than LaTeX.


by Fletcher T. Penney

This contains a sample OmniOutliner document, as well as the exported MultiMarkdown text file and HTML version, including the embedded image.

For more information, see http://fletcherpenney.net/mmd/multimarkdown_and_omnioutliner/

Sample Document

by Fletcher T. Penney

This is the original MultiMarkdown Sample Document. The source file, sample.txt, demonstrates the original MultiMarkdown markup. The other files show the output when converted to HTML/XHTML, LaTeX (using mmd2tex), PDF (using latexmk on the LaTeX file), OPML (using mmd2opml), and OpenDocument (using mmd2odf). Additionally, there is a Scrivener project that shows how it could look when imported into Scrivener.

Sample Letter

by Fletcher T. Penney

This is an example of what can be done with the letterhead feature of MMD. The base version can be used with LaTeX, but if you want to add custom font features using my customized version, you need to use XeLaTeX. LaTeX gurus can get font changes on regular LaTeX installs, but this was easier for me.

What Is MultiMarkdown?

by Fletcher T. Penney

Another slideshow created via beamer, but this one is also a beginner's intro to what MultiMarkdown is.