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@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ XHTML XSLT: xhtml-toc-h2.xslt
This document is an introduction to [MultiMarkdown][] --- what it is, how to
use it, how you can help make it better. This document exists in multiple
-formats: a wiki page, a plain text document, a pdf, a [Scrivener][] document,
+formats: a plain text document, a pdf, a [Scrivener][] document,
etc. Find the format that best suits your needs, or create your own. That is
what MultiMarkdown was designed to be used for!
@@ -289,10 +289,9 @@ if using the memoir class, you might want a first level header to be
interpreted as a chapter, rather than as a part. To do this, simply set `Base
Header Level` to `2`.
-### Base URL ###
+### Base URL (Deprecated)###
-Set to the base part of a url to be used for `WikiLinks` and `[[Free Links]]`.
-See [WikiLinks][] for more information.
+Deprecated - WikiWords and WikiLinks no longer supported.
### Bibliography Title ###
@@ -345,9 +344,13 @@ Set to `complete` to indicate that a fully-formed XHTML document should be
produced. Such a document is ready for processing by an XSLT tool, such as the
XSLT files to convert XHTML into LaTeX.
+Set to `snippet` to indicate that no `<head>` or other information should be
+included. This might be useful for generating (X)HTML output ready for pasting
+into a weblog, for example.
**Note**: Some MultiMarkdown tools add this for you (e.g. TextMate using my
-bundle, and Scrivener.) Duplicating the `Format` key in these programs will
-not cause a problem.
+bundle, and Scrivener.) Duplicating the `Format` key in these programs should
+not cause a problem --- let me know if you have trouble.
### Keywords ###
@@ -410,7 +413,7 @@ such files myself, but others may find it useful.
*I strongly encourage you to use another route to convert XHTML to RTF.
I've had the best results with [Google Docs](htts:// For
-non-Mac users, that definitely the way to go.*
+non-Mac users, that's definitely the way to go.*
### Subtitle ###
@@ -425,7 +428,7 @@ string within the `<head>` section of an HTML document, and is also used by
other export formats.
-### Use WikiLinks ###
+### Use WikiLinks (Deprecated)###
Set to `true` or `1` to enable the use of `WikiWords` and `[[Free Links]]`.
Requires that you also set `Base URL`. See [WikiLinks][] for more information.
@@ -481,8 +484,8 @@ within-document links as easily as it handled external links. To this aim, I
added the ability to interpret `[Some Text][]` as a cross-link, if a header
named "Some Text" exists.
-As an example, `[Introduction to MultiMarkdown][]` will take you to [the
-Introduction][Introduction to MultiMarkdown].
+As an example, `[Metadata][]` will take you to the
+[section describing metadata][Metadata].
Alternatively, you can include an optional label of your choosing to help
disambiguate cases where multiple headers have the same title:
@@ -568,26 +571,12 @@ does not attempt to interpret or make any use of any of these attributes.
Also, you can't have a multiword attribute span a newline.
-## WikiLinks ##
-MultiMarkdown includes support for "WikiLinks" for those who are using
-MultiMarkdown in a wiki environment, such as [Oddmuse][]. If `Use WikiLinks`
-is set to true in the metadata, then WikiWords, such as `ThisIsAWikiWord` will
-be used to create a link to the given page, using the `Base URL` metadata key
-to construct the URL. Additionally, you can use what Oddmuse refers to as
-"Free Links" --- rather than using "CamelCase" to define a link, you use
-brackets to designate a link with multiple words, e.g. `[[This Is A Free
+## WikiLinks (Deprecated)##
-This feature is not really useful outside of a wiki environment.
-If you are using this, and want a word that happens to look like a WikiWord to
-be ignored, simply prepend a backslash, e.g. `\ThisIsNotAWikiWord`.
-[Oddmuse]: "Oddmuse Homepage"
-**Note:** The WikiLinks feature has come to cause more trouble than it is
-worth. It will likely be deprecated, but one can still use the wiki software
+**Note:** The WikiLinks feature was more trouble than it was
+worth, and has been removed. One can still use the wiki software
to manage these links. For example, my [MultiMarkdown Extension] for [Oddmuse]
supports Oddmuse styled WikiLinks.
@@ -1400,6 +1389,15 @@ Scrivener:
[#Blount]: Literate and Latte - Scrivener.
+## OmniOutliner ##
+I have written an export plugin for OmniOutliner that allows you to craft your
+MultiMarkdown documents within OmniOutliner, and then export to a text file
+(or folder with text file and images), that can then be processed with
+Markdown or MultiMarkdown.
## TextMate ##
[TextMate][] is a powerful text editor that:
@@ -1607,6 +1605,8 @@ improving Markdown and MultiMarkdown:
* Alex Melhuish
* Stephan Mueller
* Josh Brown
+* Rob Person
+* Matthew D. Rankin
and others I have surely forgotten....
@@ -1660,11 +1660,6 @@ and others I have surely forgotten....
linked images, save them to a tmp directory, and then convert them for use
within a pdf.
-* Consider adding the ability to only convert the first instance of a
- `WikiWord` or `[[Free Link]]`, rather than each instance. I suppose this
- would have to be grouped by level, however, which would complicate
- things....
* Decide on appropriate management of alignment when a cell spans multiple
columns. Currently, the alignment of the first cell is used. (If Markdown
goes to a whitespace-based alignment option, that could be used in this

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