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UNAME=$(shell uname)
ifeq ($(UNAME), Darwin)
*** WARNING: Since you are on Darwin, you probably meant to use the Xcode\n\
*** version instead.\n\
*** It produces a version of the binary that is capable of running on\n\
*** multiple versions of Mac OS X and on PPC, i386, or x86_64 machines.\n\
FINALNOTES=Build complete.
CFLAGS ?= -Wall -O3 -include GLibFacade.h -I ./ -D MD_USE_GET_OPT=1 -D_GNU_SOURCE
ifeq ($(UNAME), SunOS)
CC = gcc
# Use of <stdbool.h> is valid only in a c99 compilation environment
CFLAGS += --std=c99
CFLAGS += -ansi
# make ARCH=ppc
# build for ppc architecture - Only works on machines with PPC compilation support installed
# probably only Snow Leopard machines with Xcode 3 installed
ifeq ($(ARCH), ppc)
CFLAGS += -arch ppc
# make ARCH=i386
# build for i386 architecture - useful with older machines or those running 10.4?
ifeq ($(ARCH), i386)
CFLAGS += -arch i386
CFLAGS ?= -Wall -O3 -ansi -D_GNU_SOURCE # -flto for newer GCC versions
OBJS=markdown_parser.o markdown_output.o markdown_lib.o GLibFacade.o utility_functions.o parsing_functions.o odf.o
PKG_CONFIG = pkg-config
CC=gcc $(MAKE) -C $(PEGDIR)
%.o : %.c markdown_peg.h
$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) -o $@ $<
$(PROGRAM) : markdown.c $(OBJS)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o $@ $(OBJS) $<
@echo "$(FINALNOTES)"
markdown_parser.c : markdown_parser.leg $(LEG) markdown_peg.h parsing_functions.c utility_functions.c
$(LEG) -o $@ $<
.PHONY: clean test
rm -f markdown_parser.c $(PROGRAM) $(OBJS); \
rm -rf mac_installer/Package_Root/usr/local/bin; \
rm -rf mac_installer/Support_Root; \
rm mac_installer/Resources/*.html; \
rm windows_installer/README.txt; \
rm windows_installer/multimarkdown.exe; \
rm windows_installer/multimarkdown.xml.backup; \
rm windows_installer/LICENSE.html; \
rm -rf mac_installer/*.pkg
distclean: clean
$(MAKE) -C $(PEGDIR) clean
test: $(PROGRAM)
cd MarkdownTest; \
./ --Script=../$(PROGRAM) --Tidy --Flags="--compatibility"
mmd-test: $(PROGRAM)
cd MarkdownTest; \
./ --Script=../$(PROGRAM) --testdir=MultiMarkdownTests
compat-test: $(PROGRAM)
cd MarkdownTest; \
./ --Script=../$(PROGRAM) --testdir=CompatibilityTests --Flags="--compatibility"
latex-test: $(PROGRAM)
cd MarkdownTest; \
./ --Script=../$(PROGRAM) --testdir=MultiMarkdownTests --Flags="-t latex" --ext=".tex"; \
./ --Script=../$(PROGRAM) --testdir=BeamerTests --Flags="-t latex" --ext=".tex"; \
./ --Script=../$(PROGRAM) --testdir=MemoirTests --Flags="-t latex" --ext=".tex"
xslt-test: $(PROGRAM)
cd MarkdownTest; \
./ --Script=/bin/cat --testdir=MultiMarkdownTests \
--TrailFlags="| ../Support/bin/mmd2tex-xslt" --ext=".tex"; \
./ --Script=/bin/cat --testdir=BeamerTests \
--TrailFlags="| ../Support/bin/mmd2tex-xslt" --ext=".tex"; \
./ --Script=/bin/cat --testdir=MemoirTests \
--TrailFlags="| ../Support/bin/mmd2tex-xslt" --ext=".tex"; \
leak-check: $(PROGRAM)
valgrind --leak-check=full ./multimarkdown TEST.markdown > TEST.html
# Compile multimarkdown.exe and prep files necessary for installer
windows: $(PROGRAM)
rm *.o
/usr/bin/i586-mingw32msvc-cc -c -Wall -O3 -ansi markdown*.c GLibFacade.c
/usr/bin/i586-mingw32msvc-cc markdown*.o GLibFacade.o \
-Wl,--dy,--warn-unresolved-symbols,-lglib-2.0 -o multimarkdown.exe
# Get readme and other files ready
# This has to be run before BitRock can create the installer
mkdir -p windows_installer
cp multimarkdown.exe windows_installer/
cp README.markdown windows_installer/README.txt
./multimarkdown LICENSE > windows_installer/LICENSE.html
# After building the installer with BitRock, this creates a properly named
# zipfile
# You have to move the .exe from BitRock to the windows_installer folder
# Also - create a portable mmd zipfile
zip -r windows_installer/MultiMarkdown-Windows-$(VERSION).zip windows_installer/MMD-windows-$(VERSION).exe -x windows_installer/MultiMarkdown*.zip
cd windows_installer; zip -r MultiMarkdown-Windows-Portable-$(VERSION).zip *.bat multimarkdown.exe README.txt LICENSE.html -x install_multimarkdown.bat
# Build Mac installer - requires that you first build multimarkdown itself,
# either with "make" or with Xcode
mkdir -p mac_installer/Package_Root/usr/local/bin
mkdir -p mac_installer/Support_Root/Library/Application\ Support
cp multimarkdown scripts/mmd* mac_installer/Package_Root/usr/local/bin/
./multimarkdown README > mac_installer/Resources/README.html
./multimarkdown mac_installer/Resources/Welcome.txt > mac_installer/Resources/Welcome.html
./multimarkdown LICENSE > mac_installer/Resources/License.html
./multimarkdown mac_installer/Resources/Support_Welcome.txt > mac_installer/Resources/Support_Welcome.html
git clone Support mac_installer/Support_Root/Library/Application\ Support/MultiMarkdown
cd mac_installer; /Applications/ \
--doc "Make Support Installer.pmdoc" \
--title "MultiMarkdown Support Files" \
--version $(VERSION) \
--filter "\.DS_Store" \
--filter "\.git" \
--id net.fletcherpenney.MMD-Support.pkg \
--domain user \
--out "MultiMarkdown-Support-Mac-$(VERSION).pkg" \
--no-relocate; \
/Applications/ \
--doc "Make OS X Installer.pmdoc" \
--title "MultiMarkdown" \
--version $(VERSION) \
--filter "\.DS_Store" \
--filter "\.git" \
--id net.fletcherpenney.multimarkdown.pkg \
--out "MultiMarkdown-Mac-$(VERSION).pkg"
cd mac_installer; zip -r MultiMarkdown-Mac-$(VERSION).zip MultiMarkdown-Mac-$(VERSION).pkg
cd mac_installer; zip -r MultiMarkdown-Support-Mac-$(VERSION).zip MultiMarkdown-Support-Mac-$(VERSION).pkg
# Requires installation of the platypus command line tool to create
# a drag and drop application for Mac OS X
mkdir drag; rm -rf drag/*.app; \
/usr/local/bin/platypus -D -a 'MMD to LaTeX' -o 'Text Window' -p '/bin/sh' -V '3.0' -I 'net.fletcherpenney.MMD2LaTeX' -X '*' -T '****|fold' -N 'PATH=/usr/local/bin' -c 'scripts/mmd2tex' 'drag/'; \
/usr/local/bin/platypus -D -a 'MMD to HTML' -o 'Text Window' -p '/bin/sh' -V '3.0' -I 'net.fletcherpenney.MMD2HTML' -X '*' -T '****|fold' -N 'PATH=/usr/local/bin' -c 'scripts/mmd' 'drag/'; \
/usr/local/bin/platypus -D -a 'MMD to OPML' -o 'Text Window' -p '/bin/sh' -V '3.0' -I 'net.fletcherpenney.MMD2OPML' -X '*' -T '****|fold' -N 'PATH=/usr/local/bin' -c 'scripts/mmd2opml' 'drag/'; \
/usr/local/bin/platypus -D -a 'MMD to ODF' -o 'Text Window' -p '/bin/sh' -V '3.0' -I 'net.fletcherpenney.MMD2ODF' -X '*' -T '****|fold' -N 'PATH=/usr/local/bin' -c 'scripts/mmd2odf' 'drag/';
# Create HTML and PDF (if latex installed) documentation
docs: $(PROGRAM)
cd documentation; \
../Support/Utilities/ index.txt > manual.txt; \
mkdir -p ../manual; \
../multimarkdown manual.txt > ../manual/index.html; \
../multimarkdown -b -t latex manual.txt; \
latexmk -pdf manual.tex; \
latexmk -c manual.tex; \
mv manual.pdf ../manual/mmd-manual.pdf; \
rm ../documentation/manual.t*;
# For me to push updated documentation to my github site
docs-live: docs
cd manual; git add mmd-manual.pdf index.html; \
git commit -m "update manual"; git push origin gh-pages; \