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Link Library

A Link to the Web


This package aims to make building rich web applications quick and easy by providing a wrapper around rdflib.js's store, adding high-level API's for view rendering, data querying & manipulation, and API communication. See the link-redux package on how to use this in a React project.

To transform your Rails application into a linked-data serving beast, see our Active Model Serializers plugin.

This was built at Argu, if you like what we do, these technologies or open data, send us a mail.


See the TODO app for a live example and link-redux-todo for the implementation. Mind that it isn't connected to a back-end, so it's only a demo for the view rendering mechanism.


npm install link-lib rdflib

yarn add link-lib rdflib

The package externalizes the Promise API, so make sure to include your own when targeting platforms without native support.


See the Hypermedia API page for documentation on how to execute actions against the service.

See Link Redux for documentation on how to use Link in a React application.

Included namespace prefixes

See the utilities for the namespaces included by default.

Changes to rdflib.js

This library instantiates rdflib.js for some core tasks (low-level querying, processing), but also makes some changes to its inner workings. See the RDFStore for the main wrapper and DataProcessor for changes to the rdflib Fetcher.

Following are some of the most important changes;

  • All named nodes MUST be instantiated via the memoization mechanism (see the utilities). This is done to enable the use of nested number arrays over string (iri) maps for performance gains.
  • To be able to keep track of changes, principles of immutability should be maintained, it is assumed that changes are either server provided or done via well-documented API's. Return values from the store might be frozen, and making changes directly will result in unexpected behaviour.
  • Some additional work is done to make the return values from rdflib more consistent (e.g. returning empty arrays over null or undefined).


The usual stuff. Open an issue to discuss a change, open PR's from topic-branches targeted to master for bugfixes and refactors.