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Liveconfig is a simple Pebble library used to transfer your configuration page's settings in realtime back to the watch.


Pebble App

Include liveconfig - watchapp in your src/js/ directory. Require live config using var liveconfig = require('liveconfig');

In your showConfiguration event listener call liveconfig.connect(<app_uuid>, <onchange_callback(id, value)>). Also be sure to prepare your URL for liveconfig by calling var preparedURL = liveconfig.prepareURL(<app_uuid>, <settings_url>). Finally open the configuration page by calling Pebble.openURL(preparedURL)

For an example please refer to liveconfig watchapp demo.

Web Settings

Load the liveconfig - web script in your configuration page. Apply the liveconfig class to any input elements you wish to be synchronized. Ensure that these elements have an id assigned or they will not be sent to the pebble app.

For an example please refer to liveconfig web demo.

Video of Liveconfig in Action