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SEG2105 Final Project by Matt Langlois, Matt Yaraskativch, Qufei Chen, Meng Yang


A breif History

Keeper is a tournament matchup system used to create knockout, roundrobin and knockout roundrobin tournaments. The original application was going to consist of a server side API which the android application "keeper" would connect to. However for cross platform compatibility we ended up building a website which can be loaded on a plethora of devices. Although it is not completely optimized for low resolution screens it is still manageable.


There are 3 components to the Keeper app. There is the KeeperWeb Android application, which is a webview that loads the actual application. The second component is the front facing website component which can be found at (or in /web/). The final component is the web backend which communicates via a REST api using controllers, this can be found in web/cgi-bin/.

Technologies Used

  • Backend/API
    • PHP
    • MariaDB
  • Frontend
    • Javascript
    • CSS
    • Vendor Libraries
      • Bootstrap
      • Bootstrap Notify
      • jQuery (with UI component)
      • FontAwesome


  1. PHP 5.6.xx
  2. MySQL or some equivalent


The setup process is fairly straight forward. It consists of 3 parts: setting up DB, settings up backend, setting up frontend. The setup assumes you meet the previous requirements.


  1. Create a DB
  2. Populate the tables using the SQL scripts found within the "/Database/Blank Tables" folder. Alternatively an "Export with Sample Data.sql" file has been provided which already has some teams and tournaments populated.

PHP Configuration:

  1. Create a Configuration.php file in "web/cgi-bin/" based on the contents of the Configuration.php.example file.
  2. Update the configuration constants to point to the DB created in the database section above.

JS Configuration:

  1. If the entire contents of the web folder remains unchanged then you should be good to go, proceed to creating an account section.
  2. If the cgi-bin directory was relocated then Keeper.ROOT_URL will need to be updated to reflect the location of the controllers directory.

Account Creation:

Organizer accounts will need to be set by the database administrator manually. While a controller was created to set a user to the organizer role, it was never implemented on the front end.

  1. Create an account via the frontend.
  2. Once the account is created, log out before performing any actions.
  3. Find the account created in the Persons table and set their Role_ID to 1.
  4. Login and you will now have organizer status, being able to create players, teams and tournaments.

Android App Configuration:

  1. Update the Strings.xml file to point to the base url of the app which was created in the JS Configuration section.

Known Issues/Caveats of Algorithms

  • No way to create an organizer account with out DB access. Was initially created as a security measure but should be implemented so organizers can create other organizers.
  • Knockout roundrobin is a very friendly algorithm taking the top x=2^n teams where x < the number of teams registered. I.E. 9 teams in round robin, then 8 advance.
  • Building off of the previous issue, only the top 2^n teams are considered, so if 3 are in the round robin phase and they all tie, then only 2 will advance.