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Advent of Code


This year I'm attempting at solving Advent of Code by using a new language every day. Some friends helped me create a list of languages of which I can pick from. Each day I first solve the problem in Python (or something similar) to help me understand the problem as well as creating a solution to remain competitive in my private leaderboards. Then over the next few days, time permitting, I will pick a language and come up with a solution in that language for at least one part of the problem.


For every hour a solution takes me (up to 5 hours per solution) I will donate $2 to a charity of my choosing at the end of the event. I chose a large interval of time because I'm learning a new language each day, if the solution takes me less than an hour then I will use a 10 minute interval up to 50 minutes.

Charity Update

Since these solutions have been taking me longer than expected to complete I've decided to donate $200 towards the GitHub fund. The GitHub fund is a fund created by my employer, where the proceeds split equally and go to 6 different charities. The 6 charities these funds went to are: FIRST, Girls Who Code, Public Patent Foundation, Year Up, EFF and Women's Refugee Commission. GitHub graciously matched my donation totaling $400 to be split. If I am unable to complete my goal of a new language every day by the end of December I will donate another $50 to the GitHub fund.

Charity Update 2

Near the end of December I ended up being much busier than expected. I haven't had time to finish the challenges so I've donated another $50 towards the GitHub fund. Once again, GitHub generously matched the donation. Thanks for the fun during advent of code! Although I wasn't able to finish in the 25 days I did truly enjoy the challenges. I plan to complete the rest of the challenges over the next while! See you next year!


Permitted languages

  • Ada
  • Algol 68
  • Bash
  • Brainfuck
  • C
  • C#
  • GDScript
  • Go
  • Hodor
  • Java
  • Julia
  • Lua
  • Nim
  • Ocaml
  • Perl
  • Pikascript
  • Racket
  • Ruby
  • Rust
  • SQLite
  • Swift
  • Turing
  • Vimscript
  • Whitespace