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Originally filed by pieterja...@colruyt.be on 2010-01-27T12:57:04

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Compile IFramePanelTest.mxml (see attachments)
2. Open iFramePanelTest.htm (see attachments)
3. Choose a URL and click 'Show Popup'

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
Expected: That the called html page is positioned correctly in the panel
(and remains correctly positioned when dragging the panel)
Observation: The html page opens but is put on an incorrect position.

What version of Flex-IFrame are you using? On what operating system and
which navigator (specify the version too)?
Flex-Iframe ver = 1.4.3
Flex SDK ver = 3.5
OS = Win XP
Browser = FF 3.5.3 or IE6

Please provide any additional information below, and a sample Flex 3
project reproducing the issue if possible.
This issue was already mentioned and solved in a previous version of Flex
Iframe but in this example it seems to reappear

  • There seems to be a relation to the size of the surrounding div's (as if
    these offset or not used in the calculation of x & y; althought it might
    just seem as if there's a relation).

  • When only viewing the code inside the content div, it seems to be fine
    in IE6

  • In FF it doesn't seem to work not even in the most simple version, but
    in Firebug I always get the following message when the iFrame opens:

    [embedId].[iFrameId]_load is not a function

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Updated by Julien.N...@gmail.com on 2010-05-14T15:50:50

Original ticket set status to Acknowledged (we converted to open)

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Updated by Julien.N...@gmail.com on 2010-05-20T19:32:07

Can you provide the HTML page embedding the SWF ?

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Updated by pj.dela...@gmail.com on 2010-05-21T12:10:36

Hello Julien,

You should compile the mxml file and then run the htm file as found in the
Or am I misunderstanding your question?


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Updated by kavita.g...@gmail.com on 2010-11-19T18:52:58

Hello Julien,
I am facing the same issue as PJ.

I have the iframe inside a TitleWindow that pops up on clicking a graph that I have. The iframe is positioned correctly on IE 8.0 ( I have set the x and y coordinates of the iframe in accordance to the pop up window). However, the iframe does not position itself correctly on other browsers. I have tested this on Firefox 3.6.12, Safari 4.0.3 and also Google Chrome. The iframe appears on the left bottom corner where as the pop up window is positioned on the center of the page.

I am new to Flex and looking for a solution to be working for this. I need to show a ASPX page inside the pop up. So I am using the iframe in the popup window with the source of the iframe to the ASPX page. But if this does not work on other browsers, it is of no use and I will have to look at some other solution.

Any help on this ASAP is greatly appreciated.


Hi, got the exact same issue as the people above, has this ever been resolved?. I think I managed to fix it myself last time I used flex iFrame but can't remember and most of my old projects are not organised very well so it may take a while to see if I actually did. In the meantime, any help appreciated.




Hi, I had the same problem.
Solved by passing the name of my SWF to the property "IFrame.applicationId."
This should be done within the .

        override protected function childrenCreated():void{
            IFrame.applicationId = "index";

I have observed that the problem occurs when running the SWF from a file system rather than from a local web server.

I use IFrame within an SWC that is used by my SWF. If I run the SWF from the file system using Firefox then the frame appears in an unexpected location. However if I access the SWF from a local web server, the problem goes away.

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