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How to get started with flex-iframe and use it in your project.

Import Flex-IFrame swc in your project

There are several ways to get the Flex-Iframe swc.

Directly downloading Flex-IFrame swc

You can find the last version of the library swc on Maven Central repository.

If you use Flex/Flash builder, just drop it in the project libs directory.

Using Maven

Flex-IFrame artifacts are deployed in Maven Central repository. All you have to do is to add a dependency:


Building Flex-IFrame from sources

If you just cannot wait for a release, you can follow the Developers guide instructions.

Use Flex-IFrame in your project

Change the wmode

Important ! To use flex-iframe, you must add the parameter wmode="opaque" to the embed in your HTML template, as shown in this example. For more information about this prerequisite, read the FAQ.

Create an IFrame

Here is an example of use in MXML:

<mx:Application xmlns:mx=""

    <flexiframe:IFrame id="googleIFrame"


You can create IFrames in ActionScript too by importing the IFrame class:


You can find several example usages here, and the examples source and binary packages here.