A fun way to make the connection between breaking points in CSS media queries and Javascript files
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Pokemon breakpoint

Make a connection between your CSS and your Javascript

We have a problem in responsive design : We define breakpoints in CSS and maybe you have to use it in your Javascript. Pokemon breakpoint is a fun way to make the connection between the 2 worlds.

One rule to catch them all

Your naming is a crutial for your application. In this exemple we are going to associate media queries defined in stylesheets/foundation/_settings.scss with your javascript files.

$small-screen: 641px !default;
$medium-screen: 1280px !default;
$large-screen: 1440px !default;

Now we must find a good naming for the id #media-query--name. For exemple you can take the 3 states of a random pokemon. In stylesheets/_breakpoint.scss remplace #media-query--name:after by your new explicit naming

@media #{$small} {
    content: "reptincel";

How it works ?

// You create a new PokeBreak instance and pass the element id to the constructor
//  (`#media-query--name` here).
var pkBrk = new PokeBreak('media-query--name');
// Than, you can read the current state
console.log('Current state is '+pkBrk.pokeball()+'.');
// Or you can listen to state changes
pkBrk.listen(function(oldPokemon, newPokemon) {
	console.log('Just switched from '+oldPokemon+' to '+newPokemon+'.');

You can listen to different break point groups by creating many PokeBreak instances.



This is Github folks!

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You can also make a Pull Request, I always respond, and try to do it fast.