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Cache Busting a React App

As great as caching is — cache invalidation has been a struggle for a long time now.

There are different approaches that work for different types of websites. I recently had to invalidate the cache of a web app every time a new version has been released. After trying out a few approaches, I settled with an approach that has proven to work every single time.


  • We want the site to load from the cache if there is no new version
  • We want to refresh the cache every time a new version of the app is deployed
  • We use npm package versioning to version our app and each deploy will be versioned incrementally
  • We generate a meta.json file along with every build in the public dir and it will act as a REST endpoint (won't be cached in browser)
  • We refresh cache (window.location.reload(true)) in the browser whenever a new version is released


Copyright (c) 2019 Dineshkumar Pandiyan

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