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To Be Released


  • Adds a function for setting the default width

2.1.0 (19 Sep 2019)

  • NEW: Support for custom breakpoints

2.0.2 (6 Aug 2019)

  • FIX: TypeScript Breakpoint props type issue

2.0.1 (5 Aug 2019)

  • FIX: TypeScript support for dynamic breakpoints and breakpoint hooks

2.0.0 (30 Jul 2019)

  • NEW: Add support for React hooks
  • NEW: Add types for TypeScript
  • IMPROVE: Prevent memory leaks during debounced resize


1.0.1 (19 Jan 2019)

  • IMPROVE: Debounce resize event as a performance enhancement
  • IMPROVE: Add support for custom tagName & className
  • FIX: Can be used with multiple contexts without having to wrap the component with BreakpointProvider in test cases

1.0.0 (9 Dec 2018)

  • First stable release of React Socks.
  • Following changes are included in the first stable release based on feedbacks from alpha release.
    • BreakpointProvider - context wrapper to prevent width calculation in each Breakpoint component.
    • Support SSR.
    • Performance improvements.

1.0.0-alpha (20 Nov 2018)

  • An alpha version of React Socks is released to the world =)
  • Following APIs are included in the first alpha
    • setDefaultBreakpoints to define custom breakpoints
    • Breakpoint component with breakpoint and modifier props.
      • Three modifiers available
        • only - will render the component only in the specified breakpoint.
        • up - will render the component in the specified breakpoint and all the breakpoints above it (greater than the width).
        • down - will render the component in the specified breakpoint and all the breakpoints below it (less than the width).