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Superseded Instances Policy Template

What it does

The Superseded Instances Policy Template is used to monitor an account a generate a list of superseded instances. This policy supports AWS, Azure, and AzureCSP. It also allows use of AMD, and Burstable types as replacement. There are fundamental differences between this and Optima Superseded Instances recommendations.


This policy used Optima data to get a list of instances used in the month and their possible new types, as well it uses data in Policies Data to determine if an instance type has been superseded. It will then list all the instances that have been superseded and their types. It will then report on them, it will also warn you by bolding them in the list if they may need additional functionality to upgrade them, for example, they might need to be put in a vpc, or use a enhanced networking enabled image. The Monthly Estimated Cost is an estimated cost for the instances with the current configuration, you will save a portion of that by moving to the instance type, the new instance types should be more performant as well.


  • The billing_center_viewer role

Input Parameters

This policy has the following input parameters required when launching the policy.

  • Email addresses - A list of email addresses to notify
  • Billing Center Name - List of Billing Center Names to check
  • Minimum Savings Threshold - Specify the minimum monthly savings value required for a recommendation to be issued, on a per resource basis. Note: this setting applies to all recommendations. Example: 1.00
  • Minimum Instance Savings Threshold - The recommended action for some recommendations may require an instance relaunch. Specify the minimum monthly savings value required for a recommendation of this nature to be issued, on a per instance basis. Note: this setting applies to multiple recommendations. Example: 100.00
  • Instance Type Category - Instance Type Category to pick from.
    1. regular: AWS/Azure - Matches Optima Recommendation data
    2. next_gen: AWS - Latest generation upgrade
    3. burstable: AWS - If an instance can be replaced by a burstable type this will be recommended
    4. amd: AWS - next_gen + a series to allow you to use amd types for even more savings.

Supported Clouds

  • AWS
  • Azure


This Policy Template does not launch any instances, and so does not incur any cloud costs.

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