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Schedule FlexNet Manager report

What it does

This policy will run a FlexNet Manager report (Custom view) and send the result via email. The policy is a report only policy, no action is taken during the Policy Escalation.

The report / Mail output looks like this: Alt text

Current limitations:

  • This only works with the FNMS Cloud
  • Output is limited to max 100.000 rows.


  • FlexNet Manager
  • The following RightScale Credentials
    • 'FNMS_API_Token'


How to setup FlexNet Manager Custom View for this policy:

  1. Create a custom view in FlexNet manager that could look like this: Alt text Once saved note the report number in thr URL field : Alt text you need it when activating the Policy

  2. Setup the API Token in FNMS:

    1. On the Account page - Select Create Account -> Service Account and fill in the form

      Alt text

    2. IMPORTANT: When you hit save you will see a API Token.. This is the only time you will see it so you need to save it at this point

      Alt text

    3. Add the new account to the Role Webservice

      Alt text

Cloud manager

  1. Create RightScale Credentials with values that match the FlexNet Manager API Token (Credential name: FNMS_API_Token)

Input Parameters

This policy has the following input parameters required when launching the policy.

  • FNMS Report URL - Full FlexNet URL (e.g. )
  • FNMS Report ID - FlexNet manager Custom View ID
  • Report Title in the Mail - Report header in the report result
  • Email addresses of the recipients you wish to notify - A list of email addresse(s) to notify

Policy Actions

No actions


This Policy Template does not launch any instances, and so does not incur any cloud costs.

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