Python script to programatically create and start a server.
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Python script to programatically create and start a server using the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator platform.

These files include methods which can be configured to interface directly with the FCO API/Platform. Once the script is properly configured, it can be utilised to create and launch a new server instance.

At the top of the file three variables must be set to an appropriate value. The parameters are:

customerUUID (the UUID of the customer which is to obtain the new server instance) username (the username of the customer) password (the customers password)

The method create_server() contains the parameters which must be set in order for the script to create a new server instance.

These variables are:

servername (the name which is to be assigned to the new server)

server_productoffer_uuid (the product offer UUID which is to be assigned to the new server)

image_uuid (the UUID of the image which is to be initialised on the server)

cluster_uuid (the UUID of the cluster in which the server will belong to)

vdc_uuid (the UUID of the VDC in which the new server will belong to)

cpu_count (the number of CPUs the new server will have)

ram_amount (the amount of RAM the new server will have)

boot_disk_po_uuid (the UUID of the product offer of the boot disk which is to be used for the new server)

context_script (a context script to be run on the new server upon creation (optional))

networkUUID (the UUID of the network in which the NIC is to belong to)

networkType (the type of the network which the NIC is to operate on (e.g. IP))

resourceName (the name of the NIC resource)

resourceType (the type of the NIC resource)

Once these parameters are correctly set, the script will create and start a new server on the FCO platform for a specified customer.