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PHP library to create passes for iOS Wallet app

This class provides the functionality to create passes for Wallet in Apple's iOS 6 and newer on-the-fly. It creates, signs and packages the pass as a .pkpass file according to Apple's documentation.


  • PHP 5.6 or higher
  • PHP ZIP Support (may be installed by default)
  • Access to filesystem (script must be able to create temporary folders)



Simply run the following command in your project's root directory to install via Composer:

composer require pkpass/pkpass

Or add to your composer.json: "pkpass/pkpass": "^1.2.0"


Include the PKPass.php file in your PHP project:



Please take a look at the example.php file for example usage. For more info on the JSON for the pass and how to style it, take a look at the docs at

Requesting the Pass Certificate

  1. Go to the iOS Provisioning portal.
  2. Create a new Pass Type ID, and write down the Pass ID you choose, you'll need it later.
  3. Click the edit button under your newly created Pass Type ID and generate a certificate according to the instructions shown on the page. Make sure not to choose a name for the Certificate but keep it empty instead.
  4. Download the .cer file and drag it into Keychain Access.
  5. Find the certificate you just imported and click the triangle on the left to reveal the private key.
  6. Select both the certificate and the private key under it, then right click the certificate in Keychain Access and choose Export 2 items….
  7. Choose a password and export the file to a folder.

Getting the example.php sample to work

  1. Request the Pass certificate (.p12) as described above and upload it to your server.
  2. Set the correct path and password on line 22.
  3. Change the passTypeIdentifier and teamIndentifier to the correct values on lines 29 and 31 (teamIndentifier can be found on the Developer Portal).

After completing these steps, you should be ready to go. Upload all the files to your server and navigate to the address of the examples/example.php file on your iPhone.

Included demos

Functions to add files

  • addFile : add a file without locale like icon.png
  • addRemoteFile : add a file from a url without locale like
  • addLocaleFile : add a localized file like strip.png
  • addLocaleRemoteFile : add a localized file from a url like

Debugging passes

If you aren't able to open your pass on an iPhone, plug the iPhone into a Mac and open the 'Console' application. On the left, you can select your iPhone. You will then be able to inspect any errors that occur while adding the pass:

  • Trust evaluate failure: [leaf TemporalValidity]: If you see this error, your pass was signed with an outdated certificate.
  • Trust evaluate failure: [leaf LeafMarkerOid]: You did not leave the name of the certificate empty while creating it in the developer portal.

Support & documentation

Please read the instructions above and consult the Wallet Documentation before submitting tickets or requesting support. It might also be worth to check Stackoverflow, which contains quite a few questions about this library.

Email me at thomas [at] or tweet me @tschoffelen.