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FlexiblePower Alliance Network

FAN is open standard and implementation that connects devices with energy management services.

Popular repositories

  1. PowerMatcher - The Java implementation of the PowerMatcher, including the API, the core, a couple of examples, a remote implementation using websockets and a visualisation of the configuration.

    JavaScript 34 26

  2. FlexiblePower Application Infrastructure - The core bundles that represent the framework, including the API's, runtime and UI.

    JavaScript 5 7

  3. Repo for and Github Pages hosting

    HTML 5 3

  4. FlexiblePower Application Infrastructure - Applications. This repository contains all the open source drivers, smart grid applications and other apps that the FAN supports. The main purpose of thes…

    Java 3 4

  5. Documentation for the PowerMatcher. For a better readable format of the documentation see

    3 3

  6. efi Public

    Energy Flexibility Interface (EFI)

    3 1


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