Communication channels

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We choose the github issues feature for most of our communication. This keeps the communication central (github) and topic central. General issues can fired on the FAN-Wiki repository. Project specific issues can be add to a specific repository (e.g. bugs, questions etc). The community-council uses e-mail if private communication is needed. Videochat software can be used for online meetings (e.g. Lync).


Fire na issues in the related repository. Please check if the bug is already reported See bugs process.


See Questions

Feature requests

See new feature process

Website & Twitter

The website is the formal information channel of the community. The focus of the website is to attract users and developers. The PowerMatcher website is built with Github Pages and can be found in the repository. If you like to add things or if you want to make changes. You can fork the website and send in pull requests. If you discus the changes first, there is a higher change of pull-request acceptance. The @flexiblepower/website-team takes care of pull requests.

PowerMatcher twitter

Guidelines for Twitter and website:

  • Comply with the Code of conduct
  • Write in English
  • Only write about PowerMatcherSuite related stuff
  • FAN news can be used/re-posted with mention the original source (FAN)
  • Follow the Twitter best practices

If you upload a news item, you can add a image: 210x140 px.

FAN related questions

E-mail to info [at]

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