@wilcowijbrandi wilcowijbrandi released this May 31, 2017 · 1 commit to development since this release

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Version 2.1 of the PowerMatcher is an improved version of PowerMatcher 2.0.

  • The API for constructing bids has been changed. Instead of two bid representations (PointBid and ArrayBid), there is now only one: Bid. A bid can be constructed in a similar way as before using the PointBidBuilder or the ArrayBidBuilder.
  • As a result, problems resulting from incorrect bid transformations will no longer appear.
  • Threading issues have been solved. In some cases deadlocks could occur.

@marcdejonge marcdejonge released this Apr 17, 2015 · 48 commits to development since this release

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This is the final release of the new PowerMatcher implementation. It is a complete redesign and reimplementation, which makes using it much easier. It supports:

  • Creating Device Agents, Concentrators and Auctioneers using the standard OSGi ConfigurationAdmin
  • Automatic Session creation using the PowerMatcher runtime
  • Support for remoting using WebSockets
  • Support for PeakShaving
  • A visualisation of the local coupled agents
  • A way to export created bids to CSV files
Nov 11, 2014
This tag will be the last one to contain all the old Powermatcher code
Oct 23, 2013
Updated version to 13.10