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* Fixed download of the Oracle binary packages, which now requires cookies. Thanks to Martin Polden and Miah Johnson.
* Closes :
* Added an option (-s) to skip rebuilding if packages already exist, tanks to Derek Chen-Becker.
* Added a comment to the apt source file, thanks to Eshwar Andhavarapu.
* Added documentation for user running the script behind a proxy server, thanks to Olzhas.
* Closes :
* Should now build on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, but untested.
* Updated documentation which is now correctly formatted as reStructuredText.
* Added dynamic determination of Java package URLs and sizes.
* Added an option (``-c``) to optionally clean .deb package.
* Closes :
* Fixed GPG key creation on VMware ESX Server.
* Closes :
* Fixed clone of the ``sun-java6`` repository for users behind restrictive firewalls, thanks to Thorsten Möllers.
* Fixed downloading of ```` when ca-certificates is not installed.
* Closes :
* Updated to support Java6u31
* Closes :
* Closes :
* NOTE! Requires that the upstream script tags Java6u31 as stable, see the following ticket
* Prevent script from running under Ubuntu Precise as it is currently known to be unsupported.
* Closes :
* Prevent automated key generation when running in an OpenVZ container because I'm too stupid to work out a proper solution
* Fixed missing code that actually does the build.
* Added GnuPG signing of the local ``apt`` repository.
* Updated package building to preserve the upstream package urgency.
* Re-factored to remove hard coded versions, now uses ``debian/changelog``.
* Fixed the ``override`` file generation to ensure it doesn't contain duplicates.
* Updated documentation.
* Added checking out of tagged releases of the upstream scripts.
* Closes :
* Added loose distribution checking so it should now work with Linux Mint and other Ubuntu derivatives.
* Closes :
* Added the creation of a local ``apt`` repository
* Removed installation of Java packages, you can now use ``apt-get`` yourself
* Updated documentation
* Fixed build requirements.
* Fixed install of ``ia32-sun-java6-bin`` on 64-bit systems.
* Fixed install of Java browser plug-in on systems without a supported browser.
* Added runtime requirements.
* Added TODO.
* Updated documentation.
* Updated to use dynamic version detection throughout.
* Fixed package installation when upgrading.
* Minor documentation updates.
* Initial release.
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