Script can't find jdk-6u32-linux-i586.bin download file #33

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lzhang commented Jun 12, 2012

I am running the script on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, though I suspect it would happen on any other version.

A failure occurs when attempting to retrieve the download for jdk-6u32-linux-i586.bin:

$ ./ v0.2.3 - Create a local 'apt' repository for Sun Java 6 and/or Oracle Java 7 packages.

Copyright (c) Martin Wimpress, MIT License

By running this script to download Java you acknowledge that you have
read and accepted the terms of the Oracle end user license agreement.


If you want to see what this is script is doing while it is running then execute
the following from another shell:

  tail -f /usr/local/src/oab-java6/

 [x] Installing Java build requirements success
 [x] Making build directories success
 [x] Removing clones of success
 [x] Cloning success
 [x] Checking out v6.32-2 success
 [x] Getting Java SE download page success
 [x] Getting previous releases download page success
 [x] Downloading jdk-6u32-linux-i586.bin :  failed
 [i] Showing the last 5 lines from the logfile (/usr/local/src/oab-java6/
16958's retcode: 0
 [x] Downloading jdk-6u32-linux-i586.bin :    http://: Invalid host name.
16976's retcode: 1

This is because no longer has any mention of jdk-6u32-linux-i586.bin for some reason.

I'm not sure what the appropriate resolution would be. Any thoughts?

So it looks like the jdk-6u32-linux-i586.bin is located at instead. For whatever reason they moved it.

Anyway i was able to change the URL at line number 447 so it looks like:

wget -O /tmp/oab-download.html >> "$log" 2>&1 &

Temporary fix i guess until a more elegant solution can be made.

lzhang commented Jun 13, 2012

Yeah, I was able to arrive at the same solution. Looking at the way the script is structured though, it's not a longterm fix. Oracle :P

Yep same problem...thanks for your help

Well I have a problem with jdk-6u33-linux-i586.bin then I changed the line 447 to
ncecho " [x] Getting previous releases download page "
if [ "${JAVA_UPSTREAM}" == "sun-java6" ]; then
wget -O /tmp/oab-download.html >> "$log" 2>&1 &

at this point it works a bit and then it fails in:
[x] Symlinking jdk-6u33-linux-x64.bin success
[x] Updating the changelog success
[x] Building the packages success
ERROR! Packages failed to build.

and the logs say:

: # fix permissions
find x64-jdk -name '.properties' -o -name '.xml' | xargs chmod 644
touch unpack-x64-stamp
rm -rf jce
unzip -q
unzip: cannot find or open, or
make: *** [unpack-jce-stamp] Error 9
dpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules build gave error exit status 2
^H^H13297's retcode: 2

Any other suggestion?

The problem you are facing is caused by issue #31 To manually fix it, you have to download file located on Java download site (at the bottom).

Hi rraptor,

And now the trivial question...I downloaded it and place both into tmp and where my script is, but it doesn't work. I believe it is the wrong dir(?)

I am sorry, but I do not maintain or use oab-java6, so I have no idea. I've created Debian packages that oab-java6 uses and I've made the changes that require this file. I've reported this a month ago to oab-java6 developer, but there was no response.
I can only guess you should put it in the same directory as the jdk .bin files.

Hi rraptorr,

Thank you for your help.


I'm writing a fix to handle this right now in my fork, it will/is also handling #31 as well.

Hi jamesonjlee,

Thanks for your help.

@ladios ladios added a commit to ladios/oab-java6 that referenced this issue Jun 13, 2012

@ladios ladios Fix download link probing (#33, #34)
Update number is no longer part of the URL of the current release page.
This patch makes the script downloads the current release page first,
and then tries to find a matching version. If not found, then looks for
it in the archive page.

@flexiondotorg flexiondotorg added a commit that referenced this issue Jun 15, 2012

@flexiondotorg flexiondotorg Merge pull request #38 from ladios/fix_33-34
Fix download link probing (#33, #34)
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