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Autogenerated GPG key export failed if hostname was changed later #61

albenik opened this Issue · 3 comments

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This line just checked for gpg database files exists not for valid keys inside:
if [ -n "${BUILD_KEY}" ] || [ -e ${WORK_PATH}/gpg/pubring.gpg ] && [ -e ${WORK_PATH}/gpg/secring.gpg ] && [ -e ${WORK_PATH}/gpg/trustdb.gpg ]; then

But next command try to export keys related to hostname:
gpg --homedir ${WORK_PATH}/gpg --export -a "hostname --fqdn" > ${WORK_PATH}/deb/pubkey.asc

So no key exported if hostname was changed after initial keys generation


I encountered this issue and fixed it by regenerating the gpg key:
gpg --gen-key


@tomcashman Thanks for the solution!
Of course I fixed this issue too, I just simle deleted autogenerated keys from ${WORK_PATH} and re-run a script
But the main idea of this issue is unclear behavior and log message in described situation


Maybe try to export first and if it fails then generate the key?

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