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"fieldsList": {
"flatHierarchyBox": "Select and arrange columns",
"hierarchyBox": "Drag Dimensions",
"filterBox": "Drop & Arrange Report Filter",
"rowBox": "Drop & Arrange Rows",
"columnBox": "Drop & Arrange Columns",
"measureBox": "Drop & Arrange Values",
"values": "Values",
"addCalculatedMeasure": "Add calculated value",
"expandAll": "Expand All",
"collapseAll": "Collapse All",
"formulasGroupName": "Calculated Values",
"allFields": "All Fields",
"rows": "Rows",
"columns": "Columns",
"filters": "Report Filters",
"dropField": "Drop field here",
"title": "Fields",
"subtitle": "Drag and drop fields to arrange"
"filter": {
"all": "All",
"multipleItems": "Multiple Items",
"selectAll": "Select All",
"selectAllResults": "Select All Results",
"top": "Top",
"bottom": "Bottom",
"ascSort": "Az",
"descSort": "zA",
"measuresPrompt": "Choose value",
"search": "Search",
"amountSelected": "{0} of {1} selected",
"amountFound": "{0} of {1} found are selected",
"sort": "Sort:",
"filterBy": "Filter by:",
"labelsFilter": "Labels",
"numbersFilter": "Labels",
"valuesFilter": "Values",
"datesFilter": "Dates",
"timeFilter": "Time",
"equal": "Equal",
"notEqual": "Not equal",
"before": "Before",
"beforeEqual": "Before or equal",
"after": "After",
"afterEqual": "After or equal",
"between": "Between",
"notBetween": "Not between",
"last": "Last...",
"current": "Current...",
"next": "Next...",
"begin": "Begin",
"notBegin": "Not begin",
"end": "End",
"notEnd": "Not end",
"contain": "Contain",
"notContain": "Not contain",
"greater": "Greater",
"greaterEqual": "Greater or equal",
"less": "Less",
"lessEqual": "Less or equal",
"day": "Day",
"week": "Week",
"month": "Month",
"quarter": "Quarter",
"year": "Year",
"seconds": "sec.",
"minutes": "min.",
"hours": "hr.",
"days": "d.",
"clearDateFilter": "Clear date filter",
"clearLabelFilter": "Clear label filter",
"clearNumberFilter": "Clear label filter",
"clearTimeFilter": "Clear time filter",
"clearValueFilter": "Clear value filter"
"drillThrough": {
"title": "Details",
"row": "Row: <b>{0}</b>",
"column": "Column: <b>{0}</b>",
"value": "{0}: <b>{1}</b>"
"calculatedView": {
"title": "Calculated Value",
"measureBox": "Drag values to formula",
"measureName": "Value name",
"formula": "Formula",
"formulaPrompt": "Drop values and edit formula here",
"calculateIndividualValues": "Calculate individual values",
"removeValue": "Remove",
"removeValueTitle": "Remove {0}?",
"removeValueMessage": "Are you sure you want to remove this calculated value?",
"header": "Add calculated value",
"allValues": "All values"
"grid": {
"total": "Total",
"totals": "Totals",
"grandTotal": "Grand Total",
"blankMember": "(blank)",
"dateInvalidCaption": "Invalid date",
"reportInformation": "Report Information"
"charts": {
"showLegend": "Show legend",
"hideLegend": "Hide legend",
"selectMeasures": "Select measures",
"rowNumber": "Row number",
"flatTypesLimitation": "Staked column and column line charts are not available for flat table.",
"noDataTitle": "No data to display.",
"noMeasuresTitle": "No measures to display. Add at least one measure in the Field List.",
"bigDataSetWarning": "Dataset is too big to be displayed on the chart. Dataset will be cut off to the amount fitting into the chart."
"tooltips": {
"fieldList": "Click to open Fields",
"selectAggregation": "Select aggregation",
"editCalculatedMeasure": "Edit calculated value",
"row": "Row:",
"column": "Column:",
"headerResize": "Drag to resize",
"headerFit": "Double click to fit",
"filterIcon": "Click to filter",
"filtered": "Filtered",
"expandIcon": "Click to expand",
"collapseIcon": "Click to collapse",
"drillDown": "Click to drill down",
"drillUp": "Click to drill up",
"sortIcon": "Click to sort Desc",
"sortedDescIcon": "Click to sort Asc",
"sortedAscIcon": "Click to sort Desc",
"close": "Click to close"
"aggregations": {
"sum": {
"caption": "Sum",
"totalCaption": "Sum of {0}",
"grandTotalCaption": "Total Sum of {0}"
"count": {
"caption": "Count",
"totalCaption": "Count of {0}",
"grandTotalCaption": "Total Count of {0}"
"distinctCount": {
"caption": "Distinct Count",
"totalCaption": "Distinct Count of {0}",
"grandTotalCaption": "Total Distinct Count of {0}"
"difference": {
"caption": "Difference",
"totalCaption": "Difference of {0}",
"grandTotalCaption": "Difference of {0}"
"percentDifference": {
"caption": "% Difference",
"totalCaption": "% Difference of {0}",
"grandTotalCaption": "% Difference of {0}"
"average": {
"caption": "Average",
"totalCaption": "Average of {0}",
"grandTotalCaption": "Total Average of {0}"
"median": {
"caption": "Median",
"totalCaption": "Median of {0}",
"grandTotalCaption": "Total Median of {0}"
"stdevp": {
"caption": "Population StDev",
"totalCaption": "Population StDev of {0}",
"grandTotalCaption": "Total Population StDev of {0}"
"stdevs": {
"caption": "Sample StDev",
"totalCaption": "Sample StDev of {0}",
"grandTotalCaption": "Total Sample StDev of {0}"
"product": {
"caption": "Product",
"totalCaption": "Product of {0}",
"grandTotalCaption": "Total Product of {0}"
"min": {
"caption": "Min",
"totalCaption": "Min of {0}",
"grandTotalCaption": "Total Min of {0}"
"max": {
"caption": "Max",
"totalCaption": "Max of {0}",
"grandTotalCaption": "Total Max of {0}"
"percent": {
"caption": "% of Grand Total",
"totalCaption": "% of Grand Total of {0}",
"grandTotalCaption": "Total % of Grand Total of {0}"
"percentOfColumn": {
"caption": "% of Column",
"totalCaption": "% of Column of {0}",
"grandTotalCaption": "Total % of Column of {0}"
"percentOfRow": {
"caption": "% of Row",
"totalCaption": "% of Row of {0}",
"grandTotalCaption": "Total % of Row of {0}"
"runningTotals": {
"caption": "Running Totals",
"totalCaption": "Running Totals of {0}",
"grandTotalCaption": "Running Totals of {0}"
"index": {
"caption": "Index",
"totalCaption": "Index of {0}",
"grandTotalCaption": "Index of {0}"
"none": {
"caption": "No Calculation"
"messages": {
"error": "Error!",
"warning": "Warning!",
"limitation": "Limitation!",
"browse": "Browse",
"confirmation": "Confirmation",
"reportFileType": "Flexmonster report file",
"loading": "Loading...",
"loadingConfiguration": "",
"loadingData": "Loading data...",
"waiting": "Waiting for the response {0} sec.",
"progress": "{0} rows",
"progressKnown": "loaded {0} KB of {1} KB",
"progressUnknown": "loaded {0} KB",
"sortingMembers": "Sorting members...",
"analyzing": "Analyzing data...",
"analyzingProgress": "{0} records of {1} ({2}%)",
"analyzingRecords": "{0}% records",
"saving": "Saving...",
"loadingDimensions": "Loading dimensions...",
"loadingHierarchies": "Loading hierarchies...",
"loadingMeasures": "Loading measures...",
"loadingKPIs": "Loading KPIs...",
"loadingMembers": "Loading members...",
"loadingLevels": "Loading levels...",
"loadingProperties": "Loading properties...",
"fullscreen": "Open report in full screen?",
"exportComplete": "Export data is created, please click \"Save\" button to save the _data.",
"exportProgress": "Export in progress...",
"exportError": "Failed to export. An unexpected error occurred.",
"generatingPDF": "Generating PDF",
"pleaseWait": "Please wait.",
"pagesWereGenerated": "pages were generated.",
"uploading": "Uploading...",
"cantSaveFile": "Cannot save file. <br/> Details: {0}",
"cantSaveToClipboard": "Error: Cannot write to the clipboard.",
"saveReportToFile": "Report is ready to be saved to file, please click \"Save\" button to save the report.",
"loadReportFromFile": "Select report file to be loaded.",
"inputNewName": "Input new name",
"inputReportName": "Please input report name",
"invalidDataSource": "Invalid datasource or catalog. Please check. <br/><br/><u><a href='' target='_blank'>Read more info about this error</a></u>",
"dataStreamError": "Stream error occurred while loading '{0}'<br/><br/><u><a href='' target='_blank'>Read more info about this error</a></u>",
"unableToOpenFile": "Unable to open file {0}.<br/><br/>It seems that this file doesn't exist or 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is absent in the requested resource.<br/><br/><u><a href='' target='_blank'>Read more info about this error</a></u>",
"errorTextMessage": "</br>Details: '{0}'",
"unableTwoFileBrowsingSessions": "Browse file dialog is already opened.",
"inappropriateFileFormat": "The data file is of inappropriate format.",
"invalidJSONdata": "JSON data is invalid.",
"wrongFormulaFormat": "Wrong formula format. Please check.",
"wrongUniqueName": "The field with <b>'{0}'</b> uniqueName is not defined.",
"excelCsvChartsExportError": "Export to Microsoft Excel or CSV is not available for charts.",
"excelPdfExportLimitation": "Export to Microsoft Excel or PDF is not available in the current edition.",
"excelExportLimitation": "Export is not available in the current edition.",
"noDataAvailable": "Data source is empty. Please check the CSV file.",
"saveDataToFile": "Data is ready to be saved to file, please click \"Save\" button to save the file.",
"dataWasUpdated": "Data source has been updated on the server. Refresh the report?",
"cantConnectToAccelerator": "Cannot connect to data source. Please check if Flexmonster Accelerator is running.",
"ocsvIncompatible": "Unable to read data source. It seems that OCSV file was compressed with a newer version. Please update the component to version {0} or newer.",
"unknownError": "Unknown error occurred.",
"invalidReportFormat": "Invalid report format or access to file is denied.",
"invalidReportFormat2": "Invalid report format. 'dataSource' property is required.",
"csvHeaderParsingError": "CSV header parsing error.",
"tooManyColumnsInClassicMode": "Too many columns for classic form. Switched layout to compact form.",
"cantExpand": "Some fields cannot be expanded. Please narrow down the dataset.",
"cantExpandTitle": "Dataset is too large",
"selectFile": "Select data file to upload.",
"flatTableIsNotSupported": "Flat table is not supported for {0} data source.",
"enterGroupNamePrompt": "Please enter group name:"
"kpis": {
"kpis": "KPIs",
"value": "Value",
"goal": "Goal",
"trend": "Trend",
"status": "Status"
"buttons": {
"ok": "OK",
"apply": "Apply",
"cancel": "Cancel",
"save": "Save",
"clear": "Clear",
"select": "Select",
"yes": "Yes",
"no": "No"
"contextMenu": {
"clearSorting": "Clear sorting",
"collapse": "Collapse",
"drillThrough": "Drill through",
"expand": "Expand",
"openFilter": "Open filter",
"sortColumnAsc": "Sort column asc",
"sortColumnDesc": "Sort column desc",
"sortRowAsc": "Sort row asc",
"sortRowDesc": "Sort row desc",
"aggregation": "Aggregation",
"properties": "Properties",
"hideProperty": "Hide <b>{0}</b>",
"groupMembers": "Group members",
"ungroupMembers": "Ungroup members",
"conditionalFormatting": "Conditional Formatting",
"numberFormatting": "Number Formatting",
"filterBy": "Filter by <b>{0}</b>",
"removeField": "Remove Field",
"removeMeasure": "Remove Measure",
"showProperty": "Show <b>{0}</b>",
"editFormula": "Edit <b>{0}</b>",
"moveToRows": "Move to Rows",
"moveToColumns": "Move to Columns",
"moveToReportFilters": "Move to Report Filters"
"date": {
"year": "Year",
"quarter": "Quarter",
"month": "Month",
"day": "Day"
"quarters": {
"q1": "Quarter 1",
"q2": "Quarter 2",
"q3": "Quarter 3",
"q4": "Quarter 4"
"months": {
"january": "January",
"february": "February",
"march": "March",
"april": "April",
"may": "May",
"june": "June",
"july": "July",
"august": "August",
"september": "September",
"october": "October",
"november": "November",
"december": "December"
"monthsShort": {
"january": "Jan",
"february": "Feb",
"march": "Mar",
"april": "Apr",
"may": "May",
"june": "Jun",
"july": "Jul",
"august": "Aug",
"september": "Sep",
"october": "Oct",
"november": "Nov",
"december": "Dec"
"weekdays": {
"first": "Sunday",
"second": "Monday",
"third": "Tuesday",
"fourth": "Wednesday",
"fifth": "Thursday",
"sixth": "Friday",
"seventh": "Saturday"
"weekdaysShort": {
"first": "Sun",
"second": "Mon",
"third": "Tue",
"fourth": "Wed",
"fifth": "Thu",
"sixth": "Fri",
"seventh": "Sat"
"toolbar": {
"connect": "Connect",
"connect_local_csv": "To local CSV",
"connect_local_ocsv": "To local OCSV",
"connect_local_json": "To local JSON",
"connect_remote_csv": "To remote CSV",
"connect_remote_csv_mobile": "CSV",
"connect_remote_json": "To remote JSON",
"connect_remote_json_mobile": "JSON",
"connect_olap": "To OLAP (XMLA)",
"connect_olap_mobile": "OLAP",
"connect_elastic": "To Elasticsearch",
"connect_elastic_mobile": "Elastic",
"open": "Open",
"local_report": "Local report",
"remote_report": "Remote report",
"remote_report_mobile": "Report",
"save": "Save",
"load_json": "JSON report",
"grid": "Grid",
"grid_flat": "Flat",
"grid_classic": "Classic",
"grid_compact": "Compact",
"charts": "Charts",
"charts_column": "Column",
"charts_bar_horizontal": "Bar",
"charts_line": "Line",
"charts_scatter": "Scatter",
"charts_pie": "Pie",
"charts_stacked_column": "Stacked column",
"charts_column_line": "Column line",
"charts_multiple": "Multiple values",
"charts_multiple_disabled": "Mutltiple values do not apply to ",
"format": "Format",
"format_cells": "Format cells",
"format_cells_mobile": "Format",
"conditional_formatting": "Conditional formatting",
"conditional_formatting_mobile": "Conditional",
"options": "Options",
"fullscreen": "Fullscreen",
"minimize": "Minimize",
"export": "Export",
"export_print": "Print",
"export_html": "To HTML",
"export_csv": "To CSV",
"export_excel": "To Excel",
"export_image": "To Image",
"export_pdf": "To PDF",
"fields": "Fields",
"ok": "OK",
"apply": "Apply",
"done": "Done",
"cancel": "Cancel",
"value": "Value",
"delete": "Delete",
"if": "If",
"then": "Then",
"open_remote_csv": "Open remote CSV",
"open_remote_json": "Open remote JSON",
"csv": "CSV",
"olap_connection_tool": "OLAP connection tool",
"select_data_source": "Select data source",
"select_catalog": "Select catalog",
"select_cube": "Select cube",
"proxy_url": "Proxy URL",
"data_source_info": "Data Source Info",
"catalog": "Catalog",
"cube": "Cube",
"credentials": "credentials",
"username": "Username",
"password": "Password",
"connect_elastic_title": "Connect to Elasticsearch",
"host_url": "Host URL",
"index_name": "Index",
"select_index": "Select index",
"open_remote_report": "Open remote report",
"choose_value": "Choose value",
"text_align": "Text align",
"align_left": "left",
"align_right": "right",
"none": "None",
"space": "(Space)",
"thousand_separator": "Thousand separator",
"decimal_separator": "Decimal separator",
"decimal_places": "Decimal places",
"currency_symbol": "Currency symbol",
"positive_currency_format": "Positive currency format",
"negative_currency_format": "Negative currency format",
"currency_align": "Currency align",
"null_value": "Null value",
"is_percent": "Format as percent",
"true_value": "true",
"false_value": "false",
"conditional": "Conditional",
"less_than": "Less than",
"less_than_or_equal": "Less than or equal to",
"greater_than": "Greater than",
"greater_than_or_equal": "Greater than or equal to",
"equal_to": "Equal to",
"not_equal_to": "Not equal to",
"between": "Between",
"is_empty": "Empty",
"all_values": "All values",
"and": "and",
"and_symbole": "&",
"no_active_conditions": "There are no active conditions.",
"add_condition_button": "Add condition",
"cp_text": "Text",
"cp_highlight": "Highlight",
"layout_options": "Layout options",
"layout": "Layout",
"compact_view": "Compact form",
"classic_view": "Classic form",
"flat_view": "Flat form",
"grand_totals": "Grand totals",
"grand_totals_off": "Do not show grand totals",
"grand_totals_on": "Show grand totals",
"grand_totals_on_rows": "Show for rows only",
"grand_totals_on_columns": "Show for columns only",
"subtotals": "Subtotals",
"subtotals_off": "Do not show subtotals",
"subtotals_on": "Show subtotals",
"subtotals_on_rows": "Show subtotal rows only",
"subtotals_on_columns": "Show subtotal columns only",
"choose_page_orientation": "Choose page orientation",
"landscape": "Landscape",
"portrait": "Portrait",
"tooltips": {
"add_condition": "Add condition",
"remove_condition": "Remove condition",
"cp_text_color": "Text color"
"confirm_title": "You have some unsaved changes",
"confirm_message": "Your formatting will not be applied. </br> Please confirm you want to switch value anyway."
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