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Chat program based on self-developed Simple Chat protocol

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Chat program based on self-developed Simple Chat protocol.

Protocol description

Client -> Server direction

  • Establish a connection. $u <nickname>

  • Enter the room $j <roomname>

  • Exit the room $p <roomname>

  • Send message to the room $m <roomname> <message>

  • Send message to another client $m <nickname> <message>

  • Get the information about client $i <nickname>

Server -> Client direction

  • Notifycation about entrance to the room $n <nickname> <roomname>

  • Notifycation about leaving the room $p <nickname> <roomname>

  • List of the clients in the room $l <roomname> <nickname1> <nickname2> … <nicknameN>

  • Message delivery $m <to_roomname> <from_nickname> <message> $m <from_nickname> <message>

  • Error $e <errorcode> <errorstring>

  • Sending information about the client $i <nickname> <age> [<email>]

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