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Flextype 0.6.1, 2018-06-17

  • Fixed issue with not found pages status code
  • Fixed Singleton classes and methods visibility changed from protected to private
  • Added require vendors versions in composer.json
  • Fixed Simple Theme styles

Flextype 0.6.0, 2018-06-09

  • Content: Markdown(Parsedown) parser removed! From now we are using plain HTML + Shortcodes
  • Theme Simple: Cross-site scripting Vulnerabilities fixes
  • Improving main .htaccess
  • Code cleanup and refactoring #5

Flextype 0.5.0, 2018-06-03

  • Delete folders: site/data and site/accounts
  • Delete folders: site/blocks and site/cache and site/logs
  • Constants: accounts, blocks, data - removed.
  • Flextype: new method setSiteConfig() added
  • Flextype: new method setErrorHandler() updates
  • Flextype: new method setErrorHandler() added
  • Content: new protected method initParsers()
  • Content: Blocks functionality removed - use Block Plugin
  • Content: Section shortcode removed - use Section plugin
  • Content: Site Url shortcode removed - use Site Url plugin
  • Content: Registry shotcode remobed - use Registry plugin
  • Content: Prevents automatic linking of URLs for Markdown parser
  • Content: Method registerDefaultShortcodes() removed

Flextype 0.4.4, 2018-05-29

  • Content: added ability to work with CONTENT SECTIONS with help of shortcodes [section] and [section_create]
  • Content: getPage() method will only return data about requested page and will not insert them in global $page array.
  • Content: events: onPageContentAfter and onPageContentRawAfter was removed from getPage(), use event onCurrentPageBeforeDisplayed instead.
  • Site Config: new items added: robots and description
  • Theme Simple: Using Assets Component for css and js
  • Theme Simple: New head meta added: description, keywords, robots, generator
  • Theme Simple: Meta charset getting from registry site.charset
  • Theme Simple: Fixed issue with broken paths for JS
  • Theme Simple: gulpfile: build process updated
  • Theme Simple: package.json: added gulp-concat and gulp-sourcemaps

Flextype 0.4.3, 2018-05-28

  • Content: set text/html request headers for displayCurrentPage() method
  • Content: processCurrentPage() method added
  • Content: event names changed: onPageBeforeRender to onCurrentPageBeforeProcessed
  • Content: event names changed: onPageAfterRender to onCurrentPageAfterProcessed
  • robots.txt file was removed, use Robots plugin instead
  • Code cleanup and refactoring #5

Flextype 0.4.2, 2018-05-22

  • Settings: cache.enabled is true from now
  • Content: new methods added: initShortcodes() initMarkdown() markdown()
  • Events: new events added: onMarkdownInitialized and onShortcodesInitialized

Flextype 0.4.1, 2018-05-20

  • Fixing issues with cache for getPages() method.
  • Fixing issues with processPage() method.
  • Fixing issues with all public methods in Cache class, from now all methods are static.
  • Setting site.pages.flush_cache was removed from site.yaml file.

Flextype 0.4.0, 2018-05-16

  • Using SCSS for Simple theme
  • Using Flextype Form Component
  • Themes: class bug fixes
  • Plugins: access for $locales changed to private
  • Plugins: cache bug fixes
  • New powerful Content class added for working with content instead of Pages, Shortcode, Markdown
  • Content: new page field: published added
  • Content: method for page blocks added
  • Content: cache added for pages and blocks
  • define CONSTANTS in PHP7 style
  • Themes: changing from template() to view()

Flextype 0.3.0, 2018-05-05

  • Using Flextype Components instead of Symphony Components
  • Available Flextype Components for developers: Arr, Assets, Cookie, Date, Debug, ErrorHandler, Event, Filesystem, Html, Http, I18n, Notification, Number, Registry, Session, Text, Token, View.
  • Using .yaml files instead of .yml
  • Default theme from now is simple
  • Themes structure is changed. From now main folder for all theme templates and partials is views inside theme folder.
  • Templates moved to /simple/views/templates/ and partials moved to /simple/views/partials/
  • Default template changes from index.php to default.php
  • Plugins templates can be overridden by templates in themes folder.
  • For pages we will not use anymore. From now page file will have a name
  • Config class was removed, from now we will use simple powerful Registry Component to access configurations.
  • Event, Filter, View class was removed. From now we are using more powerful Flextype Components!
  • Fixed issue with getPages() method.
  • Twitter Bootstrap updated to 4.1.0 for default theme.
  • ErrorHandler added with errors logs.
  • Code cleanup and refactoring #5

Flextype 0.2.1, 2018-03-26

  • date_format setting added to /site/
  • Pages: Fixed bug with pages sort and slice in getPages() method
  • Pages: Fixed bug with pages list for /pages folder
  • Pages: Fixes for generating page url field
  • Pages: Added ability to create date field automatically for pages if date field is not exists.
  • Code cleanup and refactoring #5

Flextype 0.2.0, 2018-03-23

  • Thunderer Shortcode Framework - added
  • Cache Flextype::VERSION for cache key - added
  • flextype/boot/shortcodes.php - removed
  • flextype/boot/events.php - removed
  • Code cleanup and refactoring #5

Flextype 0.1.0, 2018-03-21

  • Initial Release