SDL2# - C# Wrapper for SDL2
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This is SDL2#, a C# wrapper for SDL2.

Project Website:

SDL2 and SDL2# are released under the zlib license. See LICENSE for details.

About SDL2
For more information about SDL2, visit the SDL wiki:

About the C# Wrapper
The C# wrapper was written to be used for FNA's platform support. However, this
is written in a way that can be used for any general C# application.

The wrapper provides bindings for the following libraries:
- SDL2
- SDL2_image
- SDL2_mixer
- SDL2_ttf

Note that SDL2# will not provide every single SDL2 function. This is due to
limitations in the C# language that would cause major conflicts with the native
SDL2 library and its extensions.

SDL2# is a pure port of the C headers. The naming schemes for this library will
be exactly as they are done in the C library, with little-to-no concern for
"appropriate" C# style. The namespace indicates that this is SDL2, the class
names will indicate which library file the function/type/value exists in, and
everything else will be as close to the C version as technically possible.

To see the current roadmap for SDL2#, visit the GitHub issues page: