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Python Binding of WebM VP8 Codec
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PyVPX is a Python Binding of the WebM VP8 Codec, it supports encode or decode a sequence of video frames

You could use a Encoder instance to encode a Image object, the image format should be vpx.VPX_IMG_FMT_I420 or vpx.VPX_IMG_FMT_YV12.

    frame_count = 1

    with Encoder(320, 240) as encoder:
        with Image(320, 240) as img:

            # fetch and fill the image data buffer

            for kind, packet in encoder.encode(img, frame_count):
                if kind == vpx.VPX_CODEC_CX_FRAME_PKT:
                    print "sent a frame packet with %d bytes" % len(packet)

            frame_count += 1

You could use a Decoder instance to decode a sequence of packets for the video frames.

    data = ... # fetch the packet (readable buffer object or string)

    with Decoder() as decoder:
        for img in decoder.decode(data):
            print "received a %dx%d frame with %d bytes" % (img.width, img.height, len(

please check the unit test or <> for more detail.
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