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FlightAware multilateration results license

FlightAware is pleased to make multilateration ("MLAT") aircraft position data ("MLAT results") available to PiAware and FlightFeeder network participants at no cost. FlightAware invests significantly in the hardware, software and network resources to provide this service as a benefit to users that feed data to FlightAware. In exchange for your participation, FlightAware freely licenses the use of the MLAT results data to you for your personal and non-commercial use as long as you are a data feeder to FlightAware. You may use the MLAT results in several ways:

  • Via the Skyview web site running on your PiAware or FlightFeeder device in the web browser of your choice.
  • Via the JSON file output used by the Skyview web site. (For use by advanced users; this is not formally supported by FlightAware.)
  • Via direct network connection to TCP port 30105 or 30106 within your local area network. (For use by advanced users; this is not formally supported by FlightAware.)

FlightAware does not allow redistribution of MLAT results data to third parties via any means for commercial use or consumption by the general public with the exception that you may share the Skyview user interface with other users if you choose. Sharing of the MLAT results data for commercial use or public consumption in formats such as JSON, Beast, Basestation or any other format is not permitted. Furthermore, any aggregation of FlightAware MLAT results with other data sources is not allowed except for your personal, non-commercial purposes.

Additionally, to maintain the quality of our data feeds and MLAT results, feeding of any data other than Mode A/C/S or ADS-B to the FlightAware network is not permitted. For example, you may not feed MLAT results back to FlightAware as if it were native ADS-B data. Other data sources such as ACARS or any data from third party sources may not be fed to FlightAware's ADS-B network.

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