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2011-01-18 karl
* Version bump to 1.2. Tagged 1.2 for release.
2010-08-12 karl
* Upgrade to Tcl Extension Architecture (TEA) 3.8.
2009-07-17 karl
* Add aclocal.m4 to create a rule for finding the path to dtplite and
modify to use that rule.
* Alter to have rules for building the tcllauncher.n
manpage using dtplite based on the Tcl doctools file.
2009-06-11 karl
* Deploy pidfile_* and daemonize functions.
* Document pidfile functions.
* Version bump to 1.1
2009-03-31 karl
* Builds cleanly on Debian. Added README.Debin with configure instructions.
2008-11-18 karl
* Upgrade to Tcl Extension Architecture (TEA) 3.7
2008-02-13 karl
* Create a global variable, launchdir, containing the directory that
the main.tcl is being run out of, if the path to the executable
is .../bin/programName, else set that variable to "." This provides
a way for programs to find other files they installed alongside
their main.tcl.
2007-12-28 karl
* When invoked as a shell, [info nameofexecutable] returns nothing.
Detect that condition and, if so, use the SHELL environment variable
to form the basis of what we do. For instance, if the shell is
/usr/local/bin/farsh, we'll run /usr/local/lib/farsh/main.tcl.
2007-12-03 karl
* Make sure tcllauncher gets installed into the bin directory.
2007-11-24 karl
* When allocating memory to fiddle command line arguments before
invoking Tcl_Main, use malloc instead of ckalloc because whatever
ckalloc needs hasn't necessarily been initialized yet.
* Using $(COMPILE) instead of $(CC) for compiling the main routine
makes it work on FreeBSD as well as the Mac.
2007-10-19 karl
* Changes to tcllauncher.tcl make it actually do what it's supposed
to do.
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