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Mixin API

  • In Flight, a mixin is a function which assigns properties to a target object (represented by the this keyword).
  • A typical mixin defines a set of functionality that will be useful to more than one component.
  • One mixin can be applied to any number of Component definitions.
  • One Component definition can have any number of mixins applied to it.
  • Each Component defines a core mixin within its own module.
  • A mixin can itself have mixins applied to it.

How do I define a mixin?

Mixin definitions are like Component definitions but without the call to flight.component.

function withDropdown() {
  this.openDropdown = function() {
  this.selectItem = function() {

// export the mixin function
module.exports = withDropdown;

How do I apply mixins to a component?

In the Component definition, pass the required mixins as arguments to the flight.component function:

var flight = require('flightjs');
var withDialog = require('mixins/with_dialog');
var withDropdown = require('mixins/with_dropdown');

module.exports = flight.component(fancyComponent, withDialog, withDropdown);

function fancyComponent() {

How do I apply mixins to a regular object?

Under the covers, Components add mixins using Flight's compose module, which amongst other things, prevents mixins from clobbering existing method names. If you ever need to apply a mixin to something other than a component (e.g. to another mixin), you can invoke compose.mixin directly:

var flight = require('flightjs');
var withPositioning = require('mixins/with_positioning');

function withDialog() {
  //mix withPositioning into withDialog
  flight.compose.mixin(this, [withPositioning]);


// export the mixin function
module.exports = withDialog;

Overriding defaults in a mixin

The attributes method is available to both component and mixin modules. When used with mixins it will not overwrite attributes already defined in the component module.

/* mixins/big_button */

function bigButton() {
    buttonClass: 'js-button-big'

module.exports = bigButton;

Creating a new Component from an existing one

Existing Components can act as base components from which additional Components can be made.

For example, let's say all your components need to implement some touch screen behavior and also override Flight's default trigger function. Instead of having to add these mixins to every component, you can use them to create a base component (components/base) which all other components will extend.

var flight = require('flightjs');
var withTouchScreen = require('mixins/with_touchscreen');
var withCustomTrigger = require('mixins/with_custom_trigger');

module.exports = flight.component(withTouchScreen, withCustomTrigger);

Component constructors have a mixin method which can be used to create a new Component constructor based on the original:

var Base = require('components/base');

module.exports = Base.mixin(shoppingCart);

function shoppingCart() {
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