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import os
from twisted.application import service
from import BuildSlave
basedir = r'/var/lib/buildbot/slaves'
rotateLength = 10000000
maxRotatedFiles = 10
# if this is a relocatable tac file, get the directory containing the TAC
if basedir == '.':
import os.path
basedir = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__))
# note: this line is matched against to check that this is a buildslave
# directory; do not edit it.
application = service.Application('buildslave')
from twisted.python.logfile import LogFile
from twisted.python.log import ILogObserver, FileLogObserver
logfile = LogFile.fromFullPath(os.path.join(basedir, "twistd.log"), rotateLength=rotateLength,
application.setComponent(ILogObserver, FileLogObserver(logfile).emit)
except ImportError:
# probably not yet twisted 8.2.0 and beyond, can't set log yet
# connection data for build master
from ConfigParser import ConfigParser
with open('slave.cfg') as fp:
slave_cfg = ConfigParser()
buildmaster_host = slave_cfg.get('connect', 'buildmaster_host')
port = int(slave_cfg.get('connect', 'port'))
slavename = slave_cfg.get('connect', 'slavename')
passwd = slave_cfg.get('connect', 'passwd')
keepalive = int(slave_cfg.get('connect', 'keepalive'))
maxdelay = int(slave_cfg.get('connect', 'maxdelay'))
usepty = int(slave_cfg.get('local', 'usepty'))
umask = int(slave_cfg.get('local', 'umask'))
# environment variables for commands from master
os.environ['SLAVE_SETUP_CORE'] = '/var/lib/buildbot/slaves/bin/'
os.environ["SLAVE_SETUP_MEASURED"] = "/var/lib/buildbot/slaves/bin/"
os.environ ['SLAVE_SETUP_OPENXT'] = '/var/lib/buildbot/slaves/bin/'
os.environ["SLAVE_SETUP_SELINUX"] = "/var/lib/buildbot/slaves/bin/"
s = BuildSlave(buildmaster_host, port, slavename, passwd, basedir,
keepalive, usepty, umask=umask, maxdelay=maxdelay)
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