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An open source package for rapid analysis of large FLIM datasets. For further information please see:

Warren SC, Margineanu A, Alibhai D, Kelly DJ, Talbot C, et al. (2013) Rapid Global Fitting of Large Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy Datasets. PLoS ONE 8(8): e70687.

Latest versions and binary executables

For the latest version, binary executables and further documentation please visit

The binary executables do not require MATLAB.

The source code repository is available at:


If you have issues installing or running this software, please contact us via the FLIMfit users mailing list at

Compling and running FLIMfit

This software has been extensively tested on Windows 7 with Matlab 2014b using Visual Studio 2012, It has been shown to compile under MacOS X with both XCode 4 and Homebrew GCC4.7 and under Linux with GCC 4.7.

If you wish to compile the package from source please follow these instructions which assume a Windows platform.

Required Packages


  1. Use CMake to generate a Visual Studio Project in a folder such as: GeneratedProjects\MSVC11_64

  2. Compile the generated solution in Visual Studio

Running FLIMfit from MATLAB

  1. In MATLAB, ensure you have setup the MATLAB compiler by typing mex -setup and following the instructions

  2. Set your working directory to FLIMfitFrontEnd\

  3. Start the UI by typing FLIMfit

  4. See the online instructions for usage